MAC Kinda Sexy MAC Matte lipstick review

MAC Kinda Sexy Lipstick review and swatches :

 Oh, the search for the perfect everyday lip colour.
Something that gives you life, but not enough that your boss politely hands you a face wipe or a customer comments passive-aggressively on its brightness. (Only in hospitality.)MAC Kinda Sexy  Matte lipstick

Something your mum doesn’t refer to as “not your colour, pet” and simultaneously becomes the colour your significant other refers to as “yeah, I like that one.” And if not a significant other, it’s the one that makes you feel koinda foine. Enter Kinda Sexy.Yes, there comes a time in a girl’s life when she needs to put GOSH Darling and MAC Myth aside and have a moment with a more grown-up nude. And Kinda Sexy is just that.Suitably brown and pink all at once, Kinda Sexy is a 60s nude meets Angelina Jolie ‘my-lips-but-better’ goodness. Whilst it pulls darker than the modern nudes that we’ve all come to love like Creme D’Nude, I’ve come to love a darker nude so much more. I think pale girls will love this, as I do, because it doesn’t wash out light skin.

MAC Kinda Sexy MAC Matte lipstick  swatch :MAC Kinda Sexy  lipstick swatch

In terms of formula, I really like that it is a matte finish because it is opaque and lasts well, making it the perfect choice for long days at work. MAC Kinda Sexy   swatch
If you have Mac Blankety but find it a bit grey,  Mac Kinda Sexy is far more complimentary on pale skin and is effortless for everyday. As always, I love MAC lipstick formulas and this is my favourite nude lip colour at the moment.
Moral of the story? Grow up and leave jizz lips behind. Your face will thank you.

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