MAC Purple Lipsticks review and swatches

MAC Purple Lipsticks review and swatches :
My name is Clara, and I think purple lipsticks are cool !
 When I first bought a purple, the girl at the MAC counter at BT2’s in Dundrum gave me a funny look. I was only fifteen at the time but I was determined to try something new. I loved the gothic yet vibrant touch a purple lipstick gave me. I now own a few MAC purples (did anyone else lose patience with MAC putting out that same jelly-purple colour with every collection last year…?!) and I thought I’d do a little post on them and why they have made all the difference in my collection…
MAC Purple Lipsticks reviewMAC Purple Lipsticks review swatches

L-R Violetta (PRO) Smoked Purple (Discontinued PRO) Up the Amp.
 I’ll start with MAC Up the Amp lipsick, my first purple. Up The Amp, an amplified finish lipstick, is a dirty/greyed plum with fairly strong purple leanings. When I swatch it, it appears fairly mauve but on my lips, it’s a bit more of a statement.
 I particularly love the Amplified finish. It’s creamy, opaque and long-lasting. They are the most build-able full coverage lipstick formula I own, so they’re never prone to caking. This lipstick provides a high-impact and slightly glossy finish and I really love it for that.
MAC Up the Amp lipsick swatches :mac Up the Amp lipstickMAC Up the Amp lipstick swatch

My most recent addition, MAC Smoked Purple Lipstick, had me excited from the word ‘go.’ I found it in a CCO in Orlando…just the ticket I’d been looking for. Does anyone else remember the scene in Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette when she (Marie Antoinette) is lying in the bath and says (or rather didn’t ever ever ever ever say) “Let them eat cake”? I’m convinced Kirsten Dunst wears this shade.

 Smoked Purple is the vampiest, deepest shade of purple. It is very blackened and looks sensational against lighter skin particularly. The matte formula isn’t totally unforgiving and isn’t uncomfortable to wear, but I do find application a challenge. As you may notice, it is prone to bleeding and requires a solid lip brush and liner combo to get it to behave. I still truly love this colour, and I can’t wait to wear this more during the winter.
MAC Smoked Purple Lipstick swatches :mac Smoked Purple lipstickMAC Smoked Purple lipstick swatch

Finally is MAC Violetta lipstick. Violetta is a clean, bright purple with a light-purple pearl to it which kicks it up a knotch. My naturally pigmented lips often turn this a more magenta shade but it comes off as a more true purple when the lip colour is muted out before application. Another Amplified, this goes straight into my good books as a comfortable and punchy lipstick that I wear day and night.

MAC Violetta listick swatches :

mac violetta lipstickmac violetta lipstick swatch

mac Smoked Purple, Up the Amp, Violetta  swatches

Top-Bottom: Smoked Purple, Up the Amp, Violetta.
Smoked Purple is the deep, gothic winter blackcurrent shade capable of making a statement with any makeup look. Up The Amp is the wearable mauve with violet undertones to keep it from being boring and too greyed. Violetta is the archetypal violet, not for the faint of heart.
I really do believe that we should all push ourselves to try new looks. Whenever I walk out the door for college, my mum doesn’t appreciate my lip colour choices. My teachers give me funny looks or make a sarcastic comment about my makeup. But really, who cares? Makeup is so much fun for me and sometimes it’s fun to adopt a new persona in your purple lipstick. I’m still Clara at Sixth Form who’s yet to hand in her Art coursework, but you know what I mean….

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