Mac Sheertone Blush in Hushabye & Breath of Plum Swatches

MAC: Hushabye & Breath of Plum Swatches + CCO

So i recently got two more Mac blushes which is Hushabye (Discontinued) and Breath of Plum. Both are the sheertone blushes.

Mac Sheertone Blush in  Hushabye & Breath of Plum

( Left Hushabye ; Right: Breath of Plum)

Mac Sheertone Blush in  Hushabye


Mac Breath of Plum Swatches

(Breath of Plum)

Hushabye is a deep berry color with a slight of coral undertone which is great for a bold look, while Breath of Plum is a plummy berry color which is so pretty for an everyday basis (somehow the picture looks more orange than it really is). Since they are a sheertone blush, they come out a lot more sheer on your cheeks than on the pan. FYI, i’m not really good at describing colors so i basically just wrote whatever i see. You can google for a more precise description.

Mac Sheertone Blush in  Hushabye-closer Mac Sheertone Blush in  Hushabye-back Mac Breath of Plum-closer Mac Breath of Plum-back Mac Sheertone Blush in  Hushabye & Breath of Plum Swatches

(Left: Without flash ; Right: With Flash)

From these two i must say my favorite one is Hushabye, too bad it has been discontinue. Also it has a really good pigmentation considering that it is a sheertone blush.

You can find Breath of Plum in any Mac stores, for Hushabye if you’re a US citizen you can get it from CCO (Cosmetics Company Store) too bad the CCO doesn’t have an online store/site. So you have to go there. If you’re not familiar with CCO, it’s a cosmetics store (of course) where you can get your hands on some discontinued products and they also have the permanent ones with a really good discount. The products available at CCO are only the ones that’s under or made by Estee Lauder like Mac, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, etc. At least that’s what i know. For International citizens you can get it from eBay. BUT be careful, there’s a TONS of fake mac on eBay.

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Ps: I’m sorry that the quality of the pictures weren’t that good on that post, so if you do want me to update it and do some swatches, just let me know!

I have a terrible terrible obsession of blushes and i can see myself purchasing more Mac blushes in the future, it’s just never seem enough for me, so stay tune for some more! Thank you for reading and have a great night!



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