Magic Hair Rollers Review

I have decided I hate heat on my hair… and anything that is going to give me some sort of groomed style without damaging my hair is going to be fantastic.

After hearing from my mum that a hairdresser in her church used rollers in her hair overnight I was quite shocked. I mean is that not like a Dot Cotton type of thing? rollers in your hair before bed…

So I decided to give it a go and try out a few different rollers.

The first ones I purchased were velcro ones… I hate them… My hair just catches in them and it pulls at my hair… I just outright can’t stand them. So they have gone to the back of the drawer.

The second thing I bought was these ‘Magic’ hair rollers from China…

Magic Hair Rollers review

Magic Hair Rollers -when in use

I bought these from eBay from this ebay seller from the UK. They are dead cheap, I only used three of these at a time, but I bought 12 since I have no idea how long they are going to last for considering I have broken one already.

They are so easy to use, Simply pop your hair in the slit and roll your hair up! et voila! The instructions said to put your hair in the slit and slide the roller down to the bottom of your hair and roll it up. But I found that this way the curl or wave doesn’t work very well… its very uneven and not so nice. So instead I put my hair through the slit at the top, and curled my hair around the roller, securing it by putting the end through the slit and folding it over and fastening it. Sounds complicated but its not.

Here is the results of sitting with my hair in rollers for around 4 hours, I didn’t sleep in them to make sure I knew what way my hair was going to turn out:

I really like the outcome of these! I will probably do two rows of three next time and actually sleep in them, I will probably show you the outcome of that very soon!

Magic Hair Rollers - the result

Magic Hair Rollers - the result2

Magic Hair Rollers - the result3

Magic Hair Rollers - the result4

Magic Hair Rollers - the result5

A nice product if you like wavy hair and don’t like velcro rollers like me, and your not breaking the bank for £2.60 for 12!

Next I will be using sponge foam rollers… full on granny style!!

EDIT: I tried the granny rollers last night and they left marks from the clips… Fail.

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