Make Up For Ever HD Foundation and HD Microfinish Powder Review

Review: Make Up For Ever HD & NARS Pressed Powder

So recently i tried a new foundation, i’ve heard tons and tons and tons of great things about this foundation and i’m finally came around to buy it. It is the Make Up For Ever HD Foundation, and yes i just bought the bobbi brown one last month, well i’m an impulse buyer, lets start from that.

This foundation last a really long time and  I love the coverage which is medium, because i dont like the oh-my-god-i-have-a-pile-of-makeup-on-my-face look. It blends nicely, it looks great in pictures with or without flash, and it doesn’t leave an oily residue to my skin which i really appreciate because i have an oily skin.

After applying foundation of course i have to set it, i’m using the Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder which is a translucent setting powder made with 100% silica. Now this product is very very tricky to use. You only need a teeny tiny bit of it and apply it with a powder brush all over your face. And when i said teeny tiny, i mean it. A lot of celebrities using this powder to JUST set their under eye concealer, and this is how they look like:

Make Up For Ever HD Foundation and HD Microfinish Powder

The trick is:
1. Place a tiny bit of product on the back of the cap/your hand
2. Get a big powder brush
3. Get the product onto the brush, tap off any excess
4. Apply to your face with a light hand

This powder feels so soft on your skin because of the silica. Also a flawless finish even though it is translucent.

There are times when i dont feel like using the make up for ever powder. I only use it for night time or any special occasion. When i want a more settle look i’ve been using the NARS Pressed Powder. Some people may like it, some may not. Because this powder gives the lightest coverage, it’s very sheer on your skin. Which i actually love, because it looks more natural for a day makeup. But if you like more coverage try the NARS Powder Foundation.

1. Make Up For Ever HD Foundation: (9.5/10)
(+) :
– Last a long time
– Great coverage
– Perfect for taking pictures
– A bit yellow
– It sinks into my pores
2. Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder (8/10)
– Flawless finish
– It makes my skin feels very soft afterwards
– Translucent, so it can be used for any skin tone
– Tricky
– May leaves a white residue to the skin
– Since it doesnt come with a puff, when i take it on the go with me and it turn upside down, it gets very messy
3. NARS Pressed Powder (7/10)
– Natural finish
– Smooth
– It contains paraben
– It should be given a better sponge since i paid $35 for it
– NARS packaging are extremely hard to clean in general

1. Make Up For Ever HD Foundation (in 140)
Retail for $42 ( &
In indonesia IDR 450.000 (Sogo, Metro)

Make Up For Ever HD Foundation

2. Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder
Retail for $32 ( &
In indonesia IDR 350.000 (Sogo, Metro)

HD Microfinish Powder Review

3. NARS Pressed Powder (In Eden)
Retail for $32 ( &
Not available in Indonesia.





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