Maybelline Studio Line Liquid Eyeliner Review

This is a quick review post for Maybelline studio line liquid eyeliner. This product is sold here for about 5$(149 Baht) as normal price and promotional period sale for about 3$(99 Baht).
Maybelline Studio Line Liquid Eyeliner Review
Pros – Price,Packaging, Waterproof/Smudge-proof formula even it does not state waterproof, Easy to remove as it peels off, Felt tip applicator, Long wear.

Cons – Dry texture, Easy to dry out.

I love this product for really cheap price but nice packaging and good quality. I also do like the felt tip applicator. It is very easy to draw and define the line on eyelids. It is water-proof and smudge-proof, you have to rub it with makeup remover/olive oil and it peels off. Definitely good for people who will work and wear eyeliner for long hours.

I don’t like the texture of this product though. It seems to be a bit dry for me. Also it seems to get dry out easily in the container as much as you open the container and air exposes in.

I have some pictures with testing it as water-proof or not. I will add them after I got them from my husband’s phone. Sorry about that. I have no camera for the moment.

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