My Current Makeup Kit

This is the pictures of my kit in my last work. I had to do hairs for some models that day too. So, there were not only makeup products, but also some hair products and hair tools.
My Current Makeup KitMy  Makeup Kit My New Makeup Kit
That day, there were 3 female models and 2 male models I had to take care of. Photoshoot was from 10am till 4pm. I was helping my friend, an aspiring photographer for her portfolio works.

But all those things I brought to the studio were regular products I will always have in my makeup kit for working. Just the choices of false lashes, foundation colors and makeup colors will be different according to the theme of the event, photoshoot style and models. You can also see my old makeup case in my fb wall post album. That old case was bought in Burma around 2003. I still have it in my parents’ house in Yangon. I still use it whenever I go back to there and for some works there.

So, my essential things for my makeup kit are;

  • Skin Care Products (Cleansing Lotion, Eye Makeup Remover, Moisturizer, Toner)
  • Other Accessories & Products (Cotton Pads,Q-tips, Baby Wipes, Bobby Pins, Some Hairs Clips, Small Towels, Apron for myself, Flat Iron, Iron Curl, Setting Rollers, Hair Setting Spray, Hair Spray, Some Hairs Serum, Alcohol, Foundation Mixing Plates, Big Facial Tissue Pack, Mirror, Eyebrow Razors, Small Scissor for eyebrow trimming, Water Spray Bottle, Mixing Medium Bottle, Makeup Setting Spray, Plastic Zip Bags for use tools and disposables to throw away)
  • Makeup Tools ( Disposables mascara wands, Disposable brush set if model is happened to be sick ,Sponges, Makeup brushes )
  • Several Colors of Foundation Makeup
  • Other Suitable Cosmetics

There will always be things you have to take more or decrease a bit due to the kind of works you are going to do. It is always good to take extra of makeup brushes, sponges, makeup products, eyebrow razors, alcohol pads, disposable brushes and wands.

For yourself, it is good to take apron to wear while doing makeup as you don’t get spill off on your clothes, some mints to keep your breath fresh and clean, some snacks around to avoid hunger if timing will be out and you won’t have times to eat as the program planned. In that day, everyone is in rush, we did not have time to go out and eat dinner apart from models, so I was really hungry, my hands were shaking while doing makeup. But later, thank God that my friend came and gave some snacks. My lunch and dinner were together at 5pm that day. So learned a lesson to take some snacks next time.

I think that is all in my kit. Let me know what other kinds of essential things you have in your makeup kit?

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