My customized lip palette from my MUA kit

My customized lip palette from my MUA kit

[ My customized lip palette from my MUA kit ]

My customized MUA lip palette
[ Process of chopping off lipsticks into my palette ]

From my MUA kit My customized lip palette
[ The way I chop off, I use each clean toothpick for each lipstick to cut off into the palette ]

My customized lip palette Collection
[ Final look of one of my customized lip palette ]

Honestly, sometimes you will see ugly looking palette or products in MUA kits. Makeup artists sometimes chop of not only lipsticks but also foundation sticks, cream blush stick and so on. I always scoop out foundation from my foundation palette as well, so everything look not cute in my kit normally. This is how most of the MUA work, mix and match to get the desire colors and shades for clients.

Those pictures above are making of my customized lip palette for my MUA kit. I just use a plastic box from craft store to store lip sticks. The box has each separate section, so I can save 15 lipsticks in one box. It means you save a lot of space for 15 lip sticks in your kit. Not only good for space, it is also good for sanitation. For the color I want, or I want to mix, I just scoop out with separate q-tip and mix on my disposable plate to mix the colors or mash the color with lip brush before applying on my client. I don’t dip my lip brush directly in those lip stick cube. That is a big no no for my hygienic standard in my works. Anyway, it is really a useful way for me to save space and for sanitation.

The box costs about 2$. So, you can create your own lip stick palette with 2$. How cheap is that?

Some people heat or melt down the lipsticks to put neatly in those lip palette pans. I avoid re heating the lipsticks as I don’t want to change the formula or effects of lipsticks. So, I just cut off simply and save them in a clean plastic box. And that kind of box is clear one, so it is so easy to see what colors you want from outside. You can make so many boxes according to the tones/group of colors, like red lipsticks box, pink group, orange group and so on.

This is really an easy and simple way to store your lipstick in your makeup kit if you are a working makeup artist who likes to keep things compactly.

Of course, I don’t store my personal lip sticks in this way as I want the stick form to apply easily and snatch them in my bag when I am out and about. This is just sharing how I store and work with my lipsticks in my MUA kit. Some lipsticks are so bulky to keep them in your working or traveling makeup kit. For example, do you see that bulky Lancome lipstick in 1st pic? So, if you want to save your space, you can simply do in my way or any other better way..If you got better idea, do let me know.


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