My Favorite Tools to do the Makeup

i was doing makeup for clients since i was in high school. i didn’t have any makeup background but i do love painting and art, for me makeup is like painting and face is the canvas. Until now i did makeup mostly for photoshoot and clients for sweet 17 from the EO where i am working at. In this post i will show you my favorite “weapons” i use for doing the makeup.

My favorite tools to do the makeup

this is some of my 2013 photoshoot makeup portfolio, i didn’t take any photo of party makeup because i always running out of time and didn’t have any chance to take a pic T.T

My favorite tools to do the makeup2

My favorite tools to do the makeup3

My favorite tools to do the makeup4

My favorite tools to do the makeup5

My favorite tools to do the makeup6

My favorite tools to do the makeup7

My favorite tools to do the makeup8

My favorite tools to do the makeup9

My favorite tools to do the makeup10

And this is my favorite tools to do the makeup

My favorite tools to do the makeup11

face primer is important to make the foundation appear smooth and nicely blend also it will make the makeup last longer. there are many kind of face primer, make sure you put the right one according to the skin type.

My favorite tools to do the makeup-FACE PRIMER

2. FOUNDATION- mine is  PAC All Day Coverage, although the smell is not so good but it has good oil control . Make sure the foundation you use has a good oil control because oily complexion can ruin the makeup especially for photoshoot.

My favorite tools to do the makeup-FOUNDATION

3. EYESHADOW- Applying the right color of eyeshadow with a good blending and gradation can make a nice illusion on the eyes. Make sure the color is right or you’ll make it looks scary o.O Btw, i rarely use eye shadow primer, it’s because i think the eyeshadow pigmentation looks fine and using eyeshadow primer makes it harder to blend. But in case you need more definition, put an eyeshadow primer before eye makeup application is a good choice.

My favorite tools to do the makeup-FALSE LASHES

This is what makes your makeup pop! Using false lashes gives you a huge make over. Wearing falsies for photoshoot never goes wrong, so play with the dramatic falsies combine with the lower one and you’ll get the best result. False lashes does makes you prettier.

My favorite tools to do the makeup-BLUSHON

5. BLUSH ON- blush on makes your face more fresh and looks “alive”. Put a wrong color of blush on can ruin the whole look, match the color with the skin tone and apply with the right amount will make it looks great.

My favorite tools to do the makeup-CONTOUR POWDER

6. CONTOUR POWDER- contour more when you do a photoshoot makeup and less for party makeup, contouring makes a nice illusion in your bone structure and correct the shape of your face. there are some techniques of contouring and one contouring techniques will not applicable to all shape of face,  it’s a lil bit hard, i still learning also.

My favorite tools to do the makeup-LIQUID EYELINETR

7. LIQUID EYELINER- I also use pencil and cream eyeliner to do the water line but liquid eyeliner is a must have item. using a liquid eyeliner makes it easier to draw a thin line and curve rather than using other eyeliner (for me) and it less smudge.

My favorite tools to do the makeup-FACIAL SPRAY

8. FACIAL SPRAY- some might not realize but it does makes your makeup last longer and nicely blend. when i run out of facial spray, i just put a mineral water in the sprayer bottle and it works the also wipe away the oil on your makeup.

My favorite tools to do the makeup-SETTING POWDER

9. SETTING POWDER- I mostly apply the setting powder after all the makeup done with a kabuki brush. it makes the make up set in and removes all the excess also blend all the colors together.

My favorite tools to do the makeup-EYEBROW PENCIL

10. EYEBROW PENCIL- this is my all time favorite eyebrow pencil it last long and really pigmented. most of MUA use this. drawing an eyebrow also makes  up your facial expression, match it with your face shape

this is the most important thing
A good brush and rightly functioned brush will affect your makeup result. make sure your brushes are clean and choose the right one to apply the makeup!

My favorite tools to do the makeup-BRUSHES

so this is all from me today! just to remind you that all i mentioned above was base on my experience since i have no makeup background. i learn by practicing and common sense XD oh! and i don’t only use this items to create the look, this is ONLY SOME of my favorite things that i mostly use to create the look.
hope it will be helpful!


Bella <3


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