My Favourite… Brushes!

Over he last month I have used no other brushes except these, they are my holy grail brushes and I cant see me changing any time soon unless someone can sway me!

I have more favourite face brushes than eyes as regular readers will know that Ialways prefer a good base to striking eyes. There is nothing like flawless skin to turn heads 😉

Face Brushes:My Favourite... Brushes!

NARS Yachiyo Brush #27
Honestly, I have never used such an amazing brush for my liquid foundation!! To be honest I couldn’t part with £37 for a brush at the time, but I bought this from eBay (Probably a fake) for £10… yea… that was more in my price range! If it is a fake, I really don’t care because it is so soft and gives such a flawless finish, it is goat hair so it’ll do that!

ELF Complexion Brush
This brush is great for applying my MSF Natural and it still gives great coverage. A lovely soft brush, actually one of the softest I have ever used!

ELF Powder Brush
Another great brush for applying powder, though I only use this to apply blotting powder on my T-Zone before I leave in the mornings. I used to use this for liquid foundations, but now I see that it didn’t give such a great finish.

MAC 224 Brush
I spotted this being used in a lot of YouTube videos and decided to use it for my concealer! I am SO glad I did! It just diffuses the product and gives a flawless finish, I can hardly tell I’m wearing a mountain of concealer for my under eye circles! (not so sure what everyone else sees though! haha)

MAC 109 Brush
I use this brush for contouring with bronzer. I’m not a fan of applying bronzer all over my face, but as long as I contour my cheek bones and up to my temples in the classic ‘C’ shape, it darkens my face a bit and gives me  a lovely bronze glow. I mainly use my Soleil Tan de Chanel with this brush.

Everyday Minerals Kabuki
This is great for applying the Origins Multigrain Makeup. I sometimes use this as a setting powder so with this extremely dense, soft brush I can achieve as light or as full coverage as I like!

Cheek Brushes:

Cheek Brushes
MAC 187 Brush
This is great for applying blush, it creates a soft sheen of colour that doesn’t create any harsh lines. A few dips in a powder blush is all you need!

MAC 188 Brush
I looooove this for cream blushes!! It picks up the product so well and I use it to stipple and buff it all in to a beautiful finish. Cream blush is an excellent way to create a soft glow to the cheeks without using a highlighter. The cream blushes that I use (NYX) are so soft and make me feel so confident that I don’t look greasy!

NARS Yachiyo #27
This brush comes up again… yea its that good!! I bought another one of these off eBay I think this one was a little more expensive, but again I think its a fake, but I don’t know. It is still unbelievably soft and I don’t experience any shedding with either of these brushes! I use this one for contouring with bronzer, and using it to apply powder highlighter.

Eye Brushes:

Eye Brushes
Yes I only use three. I love using a single colour with liner what can I say? 🙂

Sigma 266 Brush
This is so soft and amazing for using eyeshadows for an eyeliner, which you all know I love to do! It creates a soft line while applying just enough product for the colour to stand out whether its blues, greens, purples or just your average neutrals!

Sigma 209
A-MAZING to use with fluidlines, I can just use the tip for a thin line or use it flatter for a thicker line. This is one I would definitely repurchase!

Sigma 239
As I said I like using one colour and a liner, so this is great for applying colour all over the lid in a precise way. I can get right into the corners of my eye if I want to or apply as heavy or as sheer a coverage as I like.

How do you keep them clean?!

Well my dears I use these wonder products!

Bruswh Cleaner
ELF Daily Brush Cleaner
This is the most amazing thing that I have ever purchased! After I use every brush I simply spray this a few times over the bristles and wipe on a dry face cloth. I have 3 back ups of this I love it that much! It disinfects my brush while keeping it lovely and soft. It also dries very quickly, so much so that I can pretty much use it again for a different product. Excellent!

Baby Shampoo
I use this for a weekly deep clean of my brushes. This doesn’t disinfect your brushes so you need to be careful about bacteria, but because I use my daily brush cleaner I dont need to worry about that! Its great for Amber’s noggin as well as my brushes 🙂

What are your all time favourite brush/brushes that you ALWAYS reach for?! Give me some ideas that might be better than mine 😉

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