Nars Eyeshadows Dupes in E.L.F Beauty Books

Nars Eyeshadows Dupes in E.L.F Beauty Books

Nars Eyeshadow Dupe of SUGARLAND in ELF beauty book ‘Eye Brights Edition

Sugarland's swatch and dupe's swatch
Sugarland’s swatch and dupe’s swatch ( Left is Nars Sugarland )

ABYSSINIA swatch and dupe's swatch
Nars eyeshadow ABYSSINIA swatch and dupe’s swatch from ELF Smokey Eyes Edition Beauty Book

Nars Eyeshadows Dupes Nars Eyeshadows
ELF Smokey Eyes Edition Beauty Book & Nars Holidays Palette

NIGHT BREED's swatch (left) and ELF's black glittery eyeshadow  swatch
Nars Eyeshadow NIGHT BREED’s swatch (left) and ELF’s black glittery eyeshadow from Eye Brights Edition Beauty Book
Eyeshadow swatch Glittery Eyshadow swatch
ELF’s black glittery eyeshadow & it’s swatch
Black glittery eyeshadow palette E.L.F. Beauty Book Nars in ELF Beauty  book Nars' CLEO eyeshadow dupe
Nars’ CLEO eyeshadow dupe in 78 palette

I was just bored, checking at my makeup palettes and found out some dupe eyeshadows of Nars. So, just sharing you. If you want those Nars eyeshadows and can’t afford yet, you can substitute with ELF beauty books.

Facts – All the eyeshadows are glittery and powdery. You can control that with using a nice eyeshadow base and a little bit stiff eyeshadow brush. Though Nars is more expensive, the cheaper ELF eyeshadows are more pigmented and smoother. But Nars eyeshadows are pressed firmly and ELF eyeshadows seem softer, which means easy to break if you handle the book in hard way. I like the ELF quality more in these eyeshadows, easier to blend and work with. Both has falls out. You just have to control with a wise technique as I mentioned above. Nars palette is easier to carry around than ELF beauty book as it is smaller. Nars holidays palette comes with 6 colors and each ELF beauty book come with 12 big eyeshadows. Nars palette is about 65$ (had it on Feb:2010) and ELF beauty books are 5$ for each book ( had them on Aug:2010 ). You can get Night Breed and other 2 colors in individual and dual normal Nars eyeshadow.

Have you got any of these palette? 😀 What do you think of them?

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