New makeup Storage! :)

Ahhh I love it when everything is so neat and tidy and everything is just at arms length when I am doing my make up… so I present to you a few more things that I have gotten to make my life a little easier…

Lipstick storage!!
I dont like having my lipsticks in a drawer, it was a fumble and annoyance every day just to find my lipstick colour of the day when everything lies flat so I bought:

My Storage

Makeup Storage

From Muji, a 12 partitioned storage box, I absolutely LOVE THIS!! I can see all the colours clearly, I don’t have to take a bunch out at a time to see what one I want 🙂 The lip glosses I cannot be bothered with though.. I never use them, I prefer lipsticks and YES, I want to fill up every partition!!… I might hold a small lip gloss sale soon 😉 This cost me £8.95.

Palette Storage!!
I dont like like my palettes lying flat either, sorting through them isnt something I can be bothered with

Storage idea

A simple letter holder from TK Maxx, I think this was around £4… not bad!
I have a few palettes, so I also use this:

makeup storage idea

Yep! Its a toaster rack! You wouldnt notice what it was though unless all my palettes are out of it, but its also great for palettes!
storage tip

Make up Storage!!
And finally from WHSmith, a Laura Ashley Multi Drawer Storage Box… simply awesome… I love these drawers. They are a bit of a bugger to get open and close if you have heavy things in them, but they are handy nonetheless. This was down to £10.45 online, so I had to snap it up quickly!
A quick picture of my complete set up now –
makeup storage tip
I am LOVING this set up now, everything is within reach 🙂 but I still have my dream of a shabby chic bedroom… theres a furniture store in town that has TONS of French style stuff… I have my eye on a dressing table, side board and new coffee table/chest 🙂 Expensive, so we will have to wait a while!
What is your set up like? 

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