No Powder Challenge DAY 1, 2 and 3!

You can read all about this challenge here. Long story short – I have not been using setting powders, and using different foundations every day to see how they look and feel during the day. Basically a daily look at all of the foundations/foundation samples that I have and reviewing them all in a small way.

Its also good to note that a lot of older women that I have noticed sporting no powder over their foundation looked a lot younger and radiant. Their wrinkles, because they are more hydrated looking and not covered in powder look a lot softer and less defined. I wouldn’t mind having this when I start sporting my “laughter lines” Its also a good thing as your make up wont look as cakey. Try using a blotting sheet instead of powder maybe?

Origins Youthtopia Foundation
Start of day: 9am

No Powder Challenge DAY 1, starting

I applied this with my fingers and then evened it all out with my Nars Yachiyo #37 Brush. When I was applying this with my fingers it seemed to roll off slightly which I wasn’t too impressed with. This seems to be a foundation that needs a brush application. I need to note though that this is a super silky feeling foundation as you are applying it with your fingers, a real dream to feel! I applied 2 thin layers of foundation with my fingers then used the brush.
It dried quickly, didn’t stick to my hair and feels quite comfortable on. It is quite a “glow from within” kind of foundation, so if you don’t like that look, this isn’t for you. I personally really like it!
End of day: 10pm

No Powder Challenge DAY 1,Night

Wow… scary eyes!
I like this challenge! I was working until 9pm tonight… it was such a drag! The good thing was that my foundation looks like skin, you can still see the last dwindling freckles there and nothing has settled into the lines around my nose and mouth. Normally I see foundation and powder lifting from my chin near the end of the day and it still looked the same. Even, flawless and glowing. A great foundation to start off this challenge with. It has maybe came off a bit on my nose, but that is only because I habit of rubbing it a bit! Come 11pm it started to dry a bit, but its bedtime so its ok!

DAY 2: 
Clarins Extra Firming Foundation

Start of Day: 8am

No Powder Challenge DAY 2,Morning

This applies very well, I only used a brush for this one and ended up with great medium coverage, It doesn’t look like real skin today though. It is quite a glowy foundation, perhaps a little too glowy for me and I can feel it slightly greasy against my hair. But we are just going shopping today. We will see how this works out!

End of Day:

No Powder Challenge DAY 2,Night

Wow…. this really hasn’t worn well through the day. I was shopping today with my mum and just made dinner… this looks patchy and generally not great… I look like I have no foundation on!! I also have a few lil spots showing here and there. Youthtopia definitely looked better than this! It seems to have gotten darker as the day went on too… It looked beautiful this morning, albeit a little too glowy… now I just look greasy 🙁 This needs a powder/touch up for definite during the day… I cant be having that!

DAY 3:
Clarins Everlasting Foundation

Start of Day: 11am

No Powder Challenge DAY 3,morning

This is a more full coverage foundation, meant to last for 15 hours and dries to a matt finish. On me it hasn’t gone too matt, but I don’t mind. It applies very evenly and doesn’t dry too quickly. I put on two layers of this on and it has gone to medium/full coverage. There is no greasy feel on my hair and it feels comfortable on. So far so good… I needed minimal concealer on a few spots that I have.

End of Day: 9pm

No Powder Challenge  3,Night

I wore my glasses today as I was getting a bit of a sore head this morning, hence the red dot at my nose. This has worn well today, a little bit of oxidation was going on during the day, it got darker in other words. I found that it did cake up around my nose and mouth… but it is a full coverage foundation so it is thicker. It didn’t last on my nose very well and I had to use some Double Wear concealer for that area as my Rudolph nose was poking through. I dont have an oily nose, I have a bony nose that gets red and shiny quickly… I cant describe it, but the pictures show it. This is just an OK-ish kind of foundation, maybe not one I would buy in a hurry, but it is certainly nice and light weight.

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