No Powder Challenge!

Now that it is getting bitterly cold outside, my skin is getting so dry and being in a shop that still has air conditioning on (not impressed) my skin was ridiculously dried out! I had to take off all my make up off yesterday and only put foundation on! This came about by talking to the girl at Clarins that never wears a setting powder and also seeing many customers with no powder on.
No Powder Challenge!
I thought that this might be a bit of a chance to have a challenge and use different foundations every day of the week with no powder on top. Basically to see how they are on their own, coverage and looks wise and whether I will ever use a setting powder again.

I have to add though that my skin is not overly oily, I never really have to touch up my t-zone… because frankly no oil breaks through, but I do always use a setting powder and I am beginning to think my skin doesnt actually need it!

Do you all use setting powders or just have foundation on?

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