No Powder Day 4, 5 and 6!

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DAY 1, 2 and 3

More reviews on foundations to see if they live up to my expectations! I hope your all enjoying this as much as I am!

Clinique Superbalanced Foundation

Start of Day: 9am

No Powder Day 4, starting
I love this foundation, It has to be one of my all time favourites. It goes on so smoothly, doesn’t streak and it stays put all day…with a powder. I hope this does really well today! I am not working today so its just doing stuff around the house like cooking, cleaning and going for a walk with Amber! I needed minimal concealer today for a few blemishes that I have and I didn’t need any at all for my rudolph nose 🙂 it sticks a tiny bit to my hair, but it will dry more through the day I hope. It also isn’t a great colour match right now, but oh well!

End of Day: 9pm

No Powder Day 4, Night

This has lasted pretty well today, My skin still looks even, not patchy and looks healthy. I like this foundation a lot and was hoping it would do this well! I went for a walk outside, cleaned and looked after Amber all day so its been through a lot more than if I was at work. A flew blemishes have peeked through, but that’s fine!
Clinique Perfectly Real Foundation
Start of Day: 
No Powder Day 5,Morning
This applies very well, no streaks and looks just like skin. It feels a little sticky against my hair, so this one seems to need a setting powder if your in a rush. The consistency isnt very liquidy at all…. more of a cream as it is quite thick. Contrary to the Clinique website… I can feel it on my face, its not too heavy but just enough so I know its there. It is a full coverage foundation… so that might explain the thickness!
Ugh… I forgot blush today…
End of Day: 11pm

No Powder Day 5,night
This has done very well! Even though I am a bit flushed from having a few drinks tonight, it still looks well and even. A very nice foundation, but I can still feel it on my skin… no ideal but It would be lovely for nights out!

NARS Sheer Glow

Start of Day: 8am

No Powder Day 6,Morning

One of my very favourite foundations! This applies very well with fingers and then I use a stippling brush to even everything out so there are no streaks. It is quite a sheer foundation, but today I have used three layers of this to give me some better coverage. It dries to a satin finish, not too glowy and doesnt stick to my hair.

End of Day:

No Powder Day 6,Night
One of my favourite foundations and It has done me proud. It has worn well through the day, not patchy and it is very easy to build. Definitely something for everyone here!

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