No Powder Day 7, 8 and 9

Sorry, I havn’t had any internet the last few days so these two posts are coming in quick succession!
Day 1, 2 and 3
Day 4, 5 and 6

Remember to look back as I am using different foundations every day!

Becca Stick Foundation
Start of Day: 8am

No Powder Day 7,morning

A very nice foundation, the only downside it takes a lot of buffing and blending to get a good even coverage. It actually took a little longer to apply this than a liquid foundation! It was a little bit sticky when I first appliedit, but it dried nicely and it went to a satin finish. It felt really hydrating!
End of Day: 10pm 
No Powder Day 7,Night
This was just OK, nothing too amazing, it did wear off a bit and I looked a little bit naked… all of my freckles were showing through and my nose was nice and red… great. This is one I would use a powder with!
Estee Lauder Double Wear
Start of Day 9am
No Powder Day 8,morning
A very nice foundation! It went on so smoothly, the shade was a little light for me, but a little bronzer fixed that! It has great coverage, I used 2 layers and used my #37 Yachiyo Brush from Nars to apply it. My skin looked so flawless and surprisingly I didn’t have to use any under eye concealer! Just a little under eye brightener.
End of Day: 9pm
No Powder Day 8,Night
This picture was taken before I added another layer before having a Halloween pre-party at our house! It still looks exactly the same!! I went shopping, played with Amber and went for a walk and it still didn’t budge. It doesn’t photograph very well though…  I got flash ghost face all night! I could have sworn my face matched the rest of me… Same for my best friend!!
No powder day8
See what I mean?
Estee Lauder Futurist
Start of Day: 9am
No Powder Day 9,morning
A really flawless looking foundation it has a lovely glowy look to it, not too much that I looked greasy, but enough that I looked well rested. I used the MAC 109 brush to apply this and used three layers to build up the coverage, which it did very well I might add. I did find that I still needed under eye concealer so It isnt as full coverage as the double wear was.  It isnt sticky, doesn’t streak and looks gorgeous teamed with a matte blush.
End of Day: 8.30 pm
No Powder Day 9,Night
It still looks lovely! It may have worn off a bit around my nose, but I think I am coming down with the case of the sniffles. I was out for a long walk with Amber earlier and got a little warm as the sun was shining so much and I was wearing a black coat and it still hasn’t budged. This is a firm favourite of mine!

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