NYX Auto Eye Pencil in Black Review

A quick review of NYX auto eye pencil. I received some nyx products in the mail the other week. I ordered them from porkdaisy store on Ebay. They don’t sell NYX products officially in Bangkok, Thailand. But I now see a few beauty stores in the big mall around my house carry some nyx items. Not a lot though, very little choices of products. Anyway, I ordered some nyx products for myself and also for sale. I will keep writing a review of each product I ordered after I feel ready to give review.
NYX Auto Eye Pencil in Black Review
So for this NYX auto eye pencil, I am ready to give review. I started using this since I got it last week. Other days, I only wore that eyeliner for 2-5 hrs, but yesterday I wore that since 7am till 11pm. It was like 16 hrs. Plus I was out all day for photo shoot and social activity. I did not even wear eyeshadow based yesterday as i had to rush to photoshoot to do makeup. My face was just with moisturizer, Mary Kay mineral foundation, Avon eyeshadow quad sample eyeshadow and that NYX auto pencil eye liner. But believe me that eyeliner did not wear off or smudge on my oily skin for almost 16hrs. And don’t forget I live in very hot and humid weather place. I was busy non-stop doing makeup for 5 models yesterday. I did not even get time to do touch up my face at all.

I am really impressed with this nyx babe. Really love this auto eye pencil from NYX!

Pros – cheap, neat packaging, long lasting, smudge proof

Cons – almost nothing.

Note- Not waterproof but it is not easy to wipe off with water too.

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