NYX Eyeshadow Base in White and Skin Tone Review

I decided to post about eyeshadow base/primer because half of my readers are from my country, Burma or Burmese readers. Using eyeshadow base/primer is not really well-known in my country. Seven – eight years ago, when I was in my country, when I was in beauty school, when I was working there, I have not seen anyone sell eyeshadow base/primer in there. I did not even use eyeshadow base. Instead I used tiny amount of concealer as my eyeshadow base. I did not know what else to use for my eyeshadow base. I have seen eyeshadow primer in the kit of my instructor from beauty school. She has it because she is always on over sea trips.
NYX Eyeshadow Base  in White and Skin Tone Review
So, after I started to living in Thailand, I think I started to see eyeshadow base from the local professional makeup products company, Arty. They called it cream base, I think, those products are more like MAC paint pot. You can get the color cream base as well. Then I heard a lot from media about Urban Decay Primer Potion. Unfortunately, It is not possible to buy any Urban Decay products in Bangkok. I have plan to get it one day while I travel abroad or order from my friends in other countries.

What is eyeshadow base or eyeshadow primer? Where do we have to apply? How do we apply it? What are the benefits of using eyeshadow base?

Eyeshadow base/primer is a cream or liquid form product which you have to use before applying eyeshadow. Eyeshadow base/primer has to apply on the eyelids and the area under the eyebrows. You can apply eyeshadow base by your finger, or brush or sponge. Most important of all, you have to blend it well into your skin. Eyeshadow base/primer grabs your eyeshadow well into your skin, it helps your eyeshadow stays last longer, it helps your eyeshadow color brighter and more vibrant.

If you wear eyeshadow without eyeshadow base/primer, you are likely to get your eyeshadow creased after awhile, especially when you have oily lids or when you are in hot and humid weather, you will see the eyeshadow melts and the oily lids with creasing lines on your eyelids. In that time, your eyeshadow and eyemakeup can smudge off easily and things can go wrong with your makeup.

For now, I use NYX eyeshadow base for myself and also for my kit. I use 2 colors from NYX, skin tone and white eyeshadow base. There have 3 colors; skin tone, white and pearl for different effects of eye makeup. I use NYX because it is easier to buy than other brands, and it is affordable. It is around $6 for one jar of eyeshadow base, it contains generous amount and you can use it quite a long time until it expires. The texture is creamy, smooth and easy to blend. I like everything about NYX eyeshadow base except the fragrance in it. I don’t think we need fragrance in our eye product at all plus I am not a fan of fragrance in cosmetics.

As I have heard, Urban Decay Primer Potion and Too Faced Insurance Eye Primer are top eyeshadow base/primer. But those can be a bit pricey. So if you are in budget, NYX eyeshadow base and ELF mineral eye primer are good too. Some people use MAC paint pot as eyeshadow base too. But I don’t like its texture.I find it does not blend so well with eyeshadow.

So what is your favorite eyeshadow base/primer? What else eyeshadow base products are good? Please share me some information too. =)

P.S – Whatever primer you use, you should avoid direct contact with your product and your skin/finger. It will helps the products to last longer and it is good for your sanity. If you use products in jar form, use a q-tip/some disposable stick to take out the products. If you use in tube form, put the product from wand on the q-tip/brush first, then apply on your eyelids. Never re-dip those q-tip/brush/any disposable wand back in your product jar/tube. So, you can share your products with that way to your friends/clients as well and you can never get disease/or germs from anyone. And believe me, your product will last longer too.

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