NYX Glitterati Glitter Cream Palette Review

Since holidays has been here, everyone is excited for their holidays activities, beauty companies has been releasing new beauty products or special holiday version products, every woman is glamming up their holiday makeup looks, and I see bright and sparkle makeup around, so I remembered to do a post of this palette; NYX Glitterati Glitter Cream Palette. You can buy this from NYX website, cherry culture website or some NYX sellers from Ebay. If you are in Thailand or Burma, you can order it through me. You can see the palette in my facebook store and leave a line on the wall to order. I will get back to you immediately.
NYX Glitterati Glitter Cream Palette ReviewNYX Glitterati Glitter Cream Palette
So, let’s back to the palette information. You can see the swatches on this youtube video. I have got his few months ago back. I once did a mask makeup look with it. I will post the picture below the post. I recently wore gold glitter in my eyelids with bronzy brown eyeshadow in crease for my hubby’s belated birthday party and our family’s early Christmas celebration. I will post the pic in down but the picture won’t show much of my makeup though.

Anyway, this is such a fun palette to play around, especially for holiday seasons, some night outs and for some creative makeup looks. I am normally not a fan of glittery stuffs and I only play with glitter sometimes. I am always afraid of glittery dust or sparkle dust around, because those are difficult to remove. But this palette does not give me that problem much as glitter are in gel-cream form. It is not exactly cream form, it is more like between gel-cream texture. I wore it for about 6-7 hrs with eyeshadow base and I did not see it creases on my lids. So, I kind of love this palette. It is affordable, fun, colorful and you can create lots of different makeup looks depending on your creativity. It can also use on body, hairs and any skin parts you want to use on. So many bright colors in one palette, the amount is quite generous, you can use it for quite awhile. This is totally a cool glitter palette. I am planning to play around with it more in this holiday season.

What do you think of it? Do you own one too? Share me your experiences please. =)

NYX Glitterati Glitter Cream Palette look

[The mask look I played around with NYX glitterati glitter cream palette]

NYX Glitterati Palette

[I use gold glitter from the palette as my eyeshadow in my eyelids, but you can’t see well, I guess -_- Me & Hubby]

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