NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Rose Petal Right and Natural Review

Oh cream blushes…. how I love thee…

NYX Rouge Cream Blush Review and Swatches

Left: Rose Petal Right: Natural

They are the perfect addition to any summer face, they just look so gorgeous and light on the skin. These beauties are my new additions and I absolutely love them! I havn’t stopped wearing them for about a week straight. I put them on after my normal foundation routine and over my setting powder, it just makes everything look a lot more natural!

These cream blushes last all day and they don’t streak whether I use my fingers or a stippling brush, you can see in the above pictures that I have been using my stippling brush more than my fingers! One dip of the stippling brush is enough for both cheeks as they are so pigmented. Rose Petal being a little bit more so than Natural.
NYX Rouge Cream Blush  Swatches

As you can see above Natural has a little bit more of a pinky tone to it and Rose Petal when blended is a bit more pigmented. At the moment I just pick them up and use whatever is closest to my hand because I love them both so much! They are so creamy and they give me such a glow, what summer is all about eh?! 🙂

I am desperately trying to track down Boho Chic, does anyone know where I can get it?! I think I want Glow and Golden next!

Have any of you tried the NYX Cream Blushes?!

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