O.P.I. Rumples Wiggin Dupe?

Hey girls,
So last Spring/Summer O.P.I. released The Shrek Collection. From the entire collection, I only picked up one nail polish and it was the very first O.P.I. nail polish I had ever purchased.
The nail polish I picked up was Rumples Wiggin, a beautiful, light, lilac creme shade. Well today, I believe I found a pretty close dupe for those who didn’t get a chance to pick it up.
 The dupe is Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Nails Nail Polish in Lacey Lilac.
Here’s what the two nail polishes look like next to each other in the bottle…
Xtreme Nails Nail Polish

Here’s the name of the O.P.I. one…
 Xtreme Nails Nail Polish in liliac
Here’s the name of the Sally Hansen one…
Xtreme Nails Nail Polish 270 Lilac
 Here are some swatches of the two shades…
These are both two coats of each. 
Rumple’s Wiggin is on my index and ring fingers
Lacey Lilac is on my middle and pinky fingers

Rumple's Wiggin Lacey Lilac Lacey Lilac 1

As you can see by the swatches Rumple’s Wiggin is half a shade lighter, but they are so close that they could be twins. Haha, you know even identical twins have slight differences. The consistency is pretty similar too, they are both cremes, they are both completely opaque in two coats, they aren’t streaky, they dry in about the same amount of time, and neither one of them is too thick or thin. To be honest, I kind of like, the Sally Hansen one better. It’s cheaper, easily accessible, and I like that it’s slightly deeper. 

Hope you girls enjoyed this quick little dupe post.
Do you like lilac shades? Which brand and shade is your favorite?

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