Ojon Hydrating Thickening Spray and Styling Cream Review

These two are also pretty essential in the fight for thick hair, they really are needed when it comes to the “Ritual” as I said previously just the shampoo and conditioner can cause my hair to become too soft and static and these pair just help to keep my hair looking and feeling thick.

Hydrating Thickening Spray and Styling Cream

The Thickening Spray is more of a treatment than anything which will help your hair become visibly thicker  and I honestly believe that it has been working for me. On the packaging it states not to use any more than 4-5 sprays in your hair, but I found it quite hard to only use that much as the spray nozzle is not very fine and it seems to concentrate on areas. I now spray it on my hands 4 times and run it through my hair concentrating on the roots instead of spritzing it directly on my tresses. I don’t know how… but it just works.

The Animated Styling Cream is also part of the ritual and is used for… well… styling the hair. it is a lightweight cream that helps de-tangle and provide some kind of a hold when I blow dry my hair upside down. I don’t usually blow dry my hair so I don’t always put this in my hair as it can make it a little bit greasy. A very small amount goes a long, long way! its very thick and your supposed to rub it in your hands until it goes clear… but its never gone clear with me, my hands are always ice cold so that’s probably why, it is meant to go slick and more readily spread through the hair.
I have repurchased the thickening spray, but I don’t know yet about the styling cream, I still think there is better out there that I just havn’t found yet. It will take me forever to finish it anyway!
Overall… The whole ritual is very good if you have the time every day to wash and style your hair as well as the money to keep it up as you would go through all of this pretty quickly. I do have a habit of washing my hair every day though, so I found it easy enough until I started incorporating other shampoos or conditioners and then it just stopped working. So they really do need to all be used together!
Ojon Hydrating Thickening Spray 120ml : £20
Ojon Animated Styling Cream 125ml : £25


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