Ojon Intense Repair Treatment Review

I absolutely love how long my hair is right now, I just cant wait for the day that it is below my chest! That may take a while though… but one can hope for it before Summer arrives.
Ojon Intense Repair Treatment Review

I have been using this treatment in my hair for quite a while now, I got half a trial sized pot from a friend and instantly fell in love with it. I bought another trial sized pot (Staff order… sorry!) and whipped it on my hair tonight.
Ojon Intense Repair Treatment

The amount scooped out here covered about half of my head, I used the rest of my other pot up in the same application. The idea is that you scoop out a small amount each time with the little comb that comes with the full size (I had no comb, so used a tea spoon), warm it up in your hands and it becomes an oil that you then smooth through your dry hair until it is saturated.

Something like this:

Ojon Intense Repair Treatment on hair
If it looks super greasy, you’ve done it right! You can massage your head so that the oil can penetrate and hydrate your hair from the inside out, but I missed that bit out. I then left it in for about 2 hours, they say 20 minutes, but my hair is feeling a bit parched at the ends at the moment! I have also left this in my hair overnight by just putting a towel over my pillow. This treatment smells a bit funny, it smells like a leather jacket that has been left at an open fire, is the best way to describe it. I do actually like it though!

I potter about the house for ages with this in my hair, then hop in the shower to wash it out. At the moment I am using the Ojon Hydrating Thickening Ritual, but I will review that another time.

Ojon® Restorative Hair Treatment is a hair rejuvenator that helps hydrate and improve the condition of dry, damaged hair – without weighing it down. After just one treatment hair is extraordinarily soft, silky and manageable. Restorative Hair Treatment contains our highest concentration of pure Ojon® oil.

Clinical tests show :
A 52% improvement in the condition of very dry, damaged hair after just one use.
A 64% improvement when left on hair overnight.

My hair has been feeling quite straw-like and tatty lately, which is’nt like my hair at all… my hair is naturally very thin with a very slight wave to it, I know when my hair gets dry as the wave disappears and it goes poker straight! these are the results:
Ojon Intense Repair Treatment After look
It might not look like much, but it is a MASSIVE difference! I was starting to look a bit like a scarecrow!

I am so happy with this product, it has done more than any other hair treatment/mask that I have tried.

After seeing Amanda and Nicola’s hair, I am desperate for a loose perm, although I may wait until my hair is a little longer. I really would like something low maintenance for the summer where I don’t have to spend forever at my hair to get nice beachy waves in it!

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