Olay Regenerist All Night Recovery Cream Review

I purchased this a few weeks ago as I bought the Thermal Skin Polisher from the Olay Regenerist range and I loved it so much, so naturally assumed the rest of the range was going to be just as fantastic. I was right, this night cream is gorgeous!!
Olay Regenerist All Night Recovery Cream Review
The great thing is it doesn’t block my pores, my chin is still recovering from pregnancy and anything that doesn’t clog me up is fantastic! The consistency of this cream is in the middle of thick and light, its just pretty much a perfect consistency for me. It goes on so smoothly and it sinks in quickly so I don’t have nasty greasy hair in the morning!

Olay Regenerist All Night Recovery Cream ApplicationAs you can see the cream has a slight lilac tinge to it, but that doesn’t show up on your skin thankfully! It also has a bit of a chemically smell to it, but it isn’t overpowering at all, I actually quite like the smell!

When I first wore this, I used the Olay Thermal Skin Polisher and I woke up with baby soft skin, it was amazing, I dont think I have ever felt my skin as healthy in the morning! I have been using this for around 3 weeks now, and I am definitely noticing a difference in my skin, it looks younger and more polished looking, make up glides on smoothly and my skin just looks generally more radiant. Olay claimed: skin looks and feels more healthy and radiant after just 3 weeks of nightly use. and I would say that it is absolutely the case with me!

Have you tried any of this range? What are your thoughts?!

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