Origins Brighter By Nature Brightening Peel Pads Review

One thing I really detest about my skin is that it gets clogged up very very easily. Around my nose, mouth and chin seem to just get congested and a little sore, one of the best products that I have bought to help combat this is the Origins Peel Pads. They are seriously a life saver!
Origins Brighter By Nature Brightening Peel Pads ReviewThey come in a pot like this with all the pads stacked up, they are all moistened with the ‘solution’ so I simply just need to take one for my whole face, some days even half a one might do, but I am too lazy to cut them up…
Origins Brighter By Nature Brightening Peel Pads

I apply this after cleansing as a toner, I would normally do this in the morning as at night I always think that it will get rubbed off on my pillow along with my moisturiser. I have used other peel pads before, namely the Avon Glycolic Acid peel pads, they were honestly nowhere near as good as this. With the Avon brand, my skin went very red and quite sensitive, any serums I popped over the top seemed to burn a little. With Origins however, this has never happened, I feel a tingle as I am applying it which I love because to me it seems like it is working.
I always apply this in circular motions all over my face concentrating mainly around my nose and chin where I have the most trouble. When I get any kind of spot arising, these pads really help to bring it to the surface… or take the surface layer off whatever way you want to put it 🙂 It means then that they disappear a lot faster without leaving a nasty scar.
This twice a week treatment also has really helped with my skin tone as it has helped to fade my scarring and also any hormonal redness around my nose. After I use the pad I always wait a little while before using my serum as I like to let the product work on its own for a while, it can make my skin feel  little tight, as the product sinks into my skin. My serum and moisturiser go on excellently and makeup is a dream to apply.
A full jar will last you 20 weeks as you get 40 pads, but if you cut them in half they will last a lot longer obviously! at ÂŁ28 they are a tad expensive, but I definitely think they are worth it and I have already ordered my second jar.
If you are having a problem with congested skin or even just dry, flaky skin I would fully recommend these, they are amazing for smoothing out my face! Just make sure you don’t rub them on an open wound… it can sting a bit!*ouch*

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