Origins Multigrain Makeup Review

I bought this around 2 weeks ago, as I had heard so many great things about it. From watching a few videos on You Tube, to a blog review I thought I would try this out for myself and see if I saw any skin benefits.
Origins Multigrain Makeup Review
The Origins website states:
Multi-Grain™ Makeup Fortified with Oats, Vitamins and Minerals SPF14

Mineral makeup that uses all natural wholesome ingredients like cereal for your skin. 

√ 91% agreed skin looked naturally radiant 
√ 78% saw an improvement in their skin 

Start skin’s day with the wholesome goodness of nutritious, organic Oatmeal (nature’s famed skin soother); Soy (a source of radiance); Tapioca and Rice Flour (to smooth and refine); plus Barley, Wheat Germ, Pomegranate, Goji Berry, Vitamins C and E and all-natural sunscreens (to fight skin-aging). The soft, finely-milled grains build and blend easily from sheer to full coverage. Won’t clog pores, cake or dry-out. Skin glows with good health. 

HOW TO USE: Pour small amount into lid. Dip brush in and tap to remove excess. Apply 2-3 layers in a circular motion. Repeat until desired coverage is achieved. 

Oil-free. Talc-free. Fragrance-free. 
• Lightweight, buildable coverage minimises the look of redness, discolouration and dark spots for a natural, flawless finish 
• SPF 14 protects skin from the sun and UV damage 
• Fortified with wholesome ingredients which are gentle to even the most sensitive skin and won’t clog pores

I ordered this in Light/Medium as I thought it would be a good match for my skin tone. 

It states on the back of the packaging that the product looks a lot darker in the pot than it will on your skin, and it really does! I didn’t read the back of the box before looking at the product and I sort of freaked out thinking that I had ordered the wrong colour. It is the ingredients however that give it the darker colour. I applied it anyway and it matched my skin tone perfectly, It applies a lot lighter than it looks in the pot!

It also states on the back of the box that it you should apply 2-3 layers in order to build up the coverage to your needs. upon first application, I was impressed, my skin looked semi-flawless even though I have quite a few acne scars on my chin now after pregnancy. I went onto the second layer, and my scars were visibly reduced. I then thought I should go onto the third layer, and I didn’t even feel the need to apply concealer on my chin like I would to hide my scars when using my MSF Natural. With my MSF Natural, I find that it is not a perfect match, I find it a little orange when I apply too much I don’t find it a very buildable colour for me whereas this is. It is also so light on my face, It doesn’t feel like I am wearing makeup at all!

After the third layer (which by the way still looked very natural) my skin looked flawless and my skin looked glowing, and you can see above that its the Soy that gives it this radiance. I love the fact that I am using natural products for my makeup, especially ones with a natural SPF, who wants leathery skin when their older eh? It feels so moisturising when its on and didn’t clog my pores, it also has excellent staying power, I applied this at 10am this morning and at 11.45pm, it still has excellent coverage and it is not patchy or oily.

This is now my ‘Go To’ foundation and I would recommend this highly if you want gorgeous glowing skin. Even at full coverage you still look so natural if that makes sense?! I am going to order the Medium colour for the summer as my skin tans slightly and I get freckles over my nose which I hate.

Have any of you tried this before or want to try it?


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