PAC Eyeshadow Quad Summer Glow Review

Still in the mood of summer uh?
today’s post is a lil bit about summer look with PAC eyeshadow quad Summer Glow
PAC Eyeshadow Quad Summer Glow
like what it’s named, the color represent the cheerfulness of summer which is bright and colorful!
PAC Eyeshadow Quad Summer Glow REVIEW
sometimes using colorful eyeshadow might be so tricky, it might be too much ( like you wanna be in a circus show) or it might not in be in the right combination (wrong color block). looking good with colorful eyeshadow is fun, so make it wearable!
PAC Eyeshadow by Quad Summer Glow
Quad Summer Glow
PAC Eyeshadow Quad Summer Glow-swatches
PAC is one of my favorite brand, the price is reasonable for a good quality, pigmented and last long eyeshadow
i was wearing it without primer and the pigmentation is really nice. It’s a lil bit chalky though, but it’s still perform well. The eyeshadow could make more vibrant color if i apply more but i kept the color soft so it won’t be too harsh for everyday look.
one stroke swatch, i rub my finger on the first swatch to the back of my hand
PAC Eyeshadow Quad Summer Glow-swatches2
thanks for reading!

Bella <3

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