Flower by Drew Barrymore Blush&Bronzer Duo

I’ve heard great things about the Flower Beauty. It’s a makeup line by Drew Barrymore. Judy’s (ItsJudyTime) and Emily’s (Emilynoel83) reviews are my favorite. I attracted to the Blush & Bronzer Duo and the Foundation Stick. I might get order that one later.

Flower by Drew Barrymore Blush&Bronzer Duo

Flower Blush&Bronzer Duo by Drew Barrymore

This one is the lighter shade. The pigmentation is decent, it’s really pigmented for a blush/bronzer. The packaging is so cute and elegant. People said it shaped like a flower, but i see it like a butterfly, lol. Either way, it’s so pretty. It has a magnetic closure and a rose gold detailing

Flower by Drew Barrymore Blush&Bronzer Duo2

Flower by Drew Barrymore Blush&Bronzer Duo3

From the reviews i can definitely say that this brand is really good for the price. Most of you may know that the Kardashians also launched a makeup line a while ago, and from what i’ve heard, it’s too expensive, the fact that the products are no where near good just makes it worse.

Flower by Drew Barrymore Blush&Bronzer Duo4 Flower by Drew Barrymore Blush&Bronzer Duo-swatches

Truly sorry, i forgot to take a picture of the blended result of the product. Here’s from Beautilicious Jessica.

Flower by Drew Barrymore Blush&Bronzer Duo-swatches2

Overall: 8/10

* Pigmented
* Cute packaging
* Affordable

* Doesn’t come with a mirror

Available at Wallmart, retails for $9.98



Shiseido Naturgo Black Mask Review

I’ve read quite a lot of review that said this mask works like wonder. I tried to search for it online, some sell it for a pretty high price, some sellers that sell it in a pretty low price are unknown sellers that I don’t know whether to trust it or not. So when I walk along the Citraland Semarang (a place in Indonesia, alright) and saw this, I decided to buy two for my trials!

Shiseido Naturgo Black Mask

Shiseido Naturgo Black Mask Review

Shiseido Naturgo Black Mask-back packaging

Shiseido Naturgo Black Mask
10.000IDR – 12gr
Comes in an orange sachet. Somehow looks like a sample sachet instead of a full size products. Hahahaha. Any details on this products are written on japanese, so I tried googling for information. Naturgo black mask are made from deep sea mud that are rich in minerals. It claims to be able to regulates sebum production and prevent breakouts. I guess that makes it perfect for oily and acne prone skin.
Shiseido Naturgo Black Mask Review-the mask
The Mask
Naturgo black mask is a peel-off mask, the texture is slightly stick. It’s not as sticky as that lemony mask from garnier though. And, amazingly, easier to clean up from your fingers too.
– It is recommended to exfoliate your skin first, to remove dead skin cells. It is meant to make it easier for the mask to reach for the black/white heads.
– Apply it on your face
– Wait for about 30 minutes
– Peel it off from your chin up
– Wash your face using cold water to close up the opened pores
– Don’t forget to use lotion or moisturizers afterwards! 😉
On my face right after application
Shiseido Naturgo Black Mask Review-after application
Kind of uneven. It’s hard to see well without my glasses, I guess that explain some missed spots.
On my face after 30 minutes
Shiseido Naturgo Black Mask Review-after application2
I apply it a little too thick at some parts, so I have to wait longer for it to dry.
It really works like wonder! 😀 A little hard on the application since it’s a little sticky. And maybe because it’s black, it seems so messy! Hahahahaha. There’s going to be a little tingling sensation when the mask started to dry. It shrunk at some places (apparently, places where I apply it thin) and started to show some skin under it. It’s pretty painful when I peeled it off. Imagine having nose pack all over your face. Hahahaha! The great thing is, my face is totally smooth after that. And it removes a lot of black and white heads! Totally effective lah … My suggestion, apply it thick! It doesn’t works that well at some places where I apply it thin. The thicker it is, the more you have to wait for it to dry, but it’s totally worthed!

How to Blend Eyeshadow

Blending 101

Some people don’t realize how important blending their eyeshadow is. Basically if you don’t blend out your eyeshadow, it will look harsh and ‘unfinished’ (Unless you’re doing it on purpose on the outer V of your lid). I can’t stress you enough how important it is to blend the colors on your crease.

Unblended eyeshadow will make your makeup look unprofessional and (as i said before) unfinished. Blending is not that hard, all you need to do is swipe your blending brush on your crease with a windshield motion or a circular motion back and forth.

How to Blend Eyeshadow1

Here’s my top 3 blending brushes :

How to Blend Eyeshadow-blending brushes

Sigma E35 is a tapered blending brush, meaning it’s round and the bristles are long.
Mac 217 was made with the same material as the Sigma E35 which is a densely packed fiber that can easily pick up a color. This one is flatter that the sigma, more like pressed. It’s more precise when you pack a color on your crease.
Mac 224 is a regular blending brush, it was made with a soft fibers. You can pick up color, but it wont show up on your eyes. I use this purely for blending (without any eyeshadow on it).
I do aware that those 3 brushes are a little bit expensive (especially the Mac ones). So i have one alternative, the ELF blending brush works amazing well. Although the bristles are made with natural hair, it blends incredibly good. Plus it’s only a dollar!


How to Blend Eyeshadow-elf blending brush

Here’s some other examples of unblended eyeshadows.

How to Blend Eyeshadow2

How to Blend Eyeshadow3

BOTH images are courtesy of



Art Collection Eyeshadow Base Review

This is the last one from my cheap Japan’s make up series. Hahahahaha. Actually, I ordered two bb cream and hand cream from Tony Moly, but I made it so that they send it to my home instead to boarding house, so I won’t get to review it until later. I’ll go back with a nail tutorial or preview soon, you can make a request if you want.

Art Collection Eyeshadow Base Review

Art Collection Eyeshadow Base-back packaging

Art Collection Eyeshadow Base

Eyeshadow Base-by Art Collection

Art Collection Eyeshadow Base
Comes in a very plain looking flip container. It’s a little hard to open for me, so I need to use my nails to open it TT^TT Appearance wise, kinda looks like la tulipe eyeshadow base. I didn’t know for exact tho, I don’t have that brand. Hahahaha
I tried to do a trial swatch using mio piccolo eyeshadow here. The eyeshadow itself are not pigmented, so I wanted to know if the eyeshadow base gonna make the color pop.
Art Collection Eyeshadow Base-swatch
Left: bare eyeshadow // Right: with eyeshadow base
I…. didn’t know for exact where the difference is. Hahahahaha. Maybe it does not give any effect for the pigmentation? I’ll try it later with another eyeshadow tho. I’ll post it asap.
This eyeshadow base only come in one shade, which is beige. And… I’m not exactly white, but my skin is not dark either. This eyeshadow base still looks a little too light on my eyes after I blended it. I don’t think it’s going to matter tho, cause you’re going to cover it with eyeshadow, so a little light is fine. Let’s get to the problem, first of all, from the swatch above I don’t think it’s affecting your eyeshadow colors. Hahahaha. And then, it makes it slightly difficult to blend you eyeshadow, cause the eyeshadow base is a little sticky. So the eyeshadow tend to clump together. Like what happen on the picture. The eyeshadow are gathering on the top cause I got a hard time dragging it down =___= Not very convenient I see .___.
I heard the la tulipe eyeshadow base is good? Tell me if your thought ever use that! 😀

Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation

Hi-ya! Sorry for not posting anything for nearly 3 weeks. It was Eid Mubarak (If you don’t know yet, i’m a Muslim) and i had lots of things to do. So today i’m gonna do a review on a foundation that i’ve been meaning to try. The Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation!

Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation

I had high hopes for this particular product simply because the price (of course) and the overwhelming reviews saying that this is the best foundation, like ever.

First Impression:
It didn’t come with a pump but with a pipette cap which i think is pretty cool. It’s more on the watery consistency. When applied it with my hands, it glides like butter on top of a toast, it’s extremely smooth. It isn’t sticky nor oily. It has a medium coverage, but i can build it up without looking cakey at all.

A little goes a long way with this guy, so don’t squeeze out too much! I used 5-6 drops of the product to cover my entire face. It covered up my acne scars and discoloration., the only thing i need to conceal was my undereye circles.

You can use a flat kabuki brush or any other foundation brush, but i find it best to apply it with my bare hands.

Maestro Foundation by Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation-application test

Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation-application test2

The finish is so flawless and matte. I don’t feel the need to set it with powder, but i still do simply because my skin is really oily. For people with dry skin, i think you don’t have to set it.

Overall i am very pleased with this foundation. It is the most expensive one i’ve bought, but i think it’s worth every penny. You’re not only paying for the name but also the quality.

Packaging: 7.5/10
Longevity: 9/10
Texture: 9/10
Quality: 9.8/10

Overall: 9.5/10

* Smooth
* Last all day long
* Matte finish
* Not sticky
* Convenient

* Expensive

You can buy this product wherever the Giorgio Armani Makeup Line is sold. I think you can get it at Nordstrom too!
Retails for $62.00


Collagen Egg Soap Review

Few weeks ago my mom imported some stuffs from Thailand and i found it a lil bit funny, an Egg soap!

Collagen Egg Soap Review

when i open the box i was like “wth is this?? -_-” i wonder an egg soap and smells like an egg, yuck!
but i was wrong, it smells like fruit i think it’s kinda peach or citrus i can’t guess. it has a strong fragrance which i like but some people prefer a mild fragrance and this is definitely not their choice.
it has the same brand with my previous review of  Qiansoto mud mask.
i’m wearing this soap for about a week and i think i need more time to make a proper review, since i celebrate Easter just consider this as a special post for Easter 😀 but still, i think i already got the point of this soap so i just write it out for you.
Egg Soap-collagen
Collagen Egg Soap
written on the brochure :
*Membantu proses pembentukan kulit dan meningkatkan daya elastis kulit. Collagen berguna dalam membantu
pembentukan sel baru di kulit. Collagen dapat masuk ke pori kulit, dan bekerja efektif di lapisan epidermis kulit Anda.*Membantu tumbuhnya kulit baru yang memiliki daya renggang/elastisitas yang lebih baik dari kulit sebelumnya.

*Sabun telur adalah sabun terunik yang mengandung vitamin C dan E serta collagen untuk mengencangkan,

melembabkan, mencerahkan, membuat kulit wajah dan badan menjadi lebih kenyal.*Dalam 3 kali pemakaian kulit langsung lebih kencang dan kompleksi wajah dan badan lebih “soft”, warna kulit langsung

lebih cerah dalam 7 hari pemakaian.*Rasakan bedanya saat dipegang kulit terasa padat dan kenyal, collagen kembali terproduksi dengan baik, Scar/bopeng

bekas jerawat terlihat lebih dangkal. Flek atau noda hitam menjadi berwarna lebih muda.Isi 90 gram dapat digunakan selama -+ 2 bulan.

my thought: (after one week)
i feel my skin a lil bit softer than before. Last week i got sun burn on my shoulder cos i did an outdoor photoshoot at 11-4 o’clock and my shoulder look worst and burnt and really really dark but after 3 days of using this soap the skin is like peeled off and turns out brighter.
Honestly i didn’t see anything different on my scar yet, since the soap is promising the scar will getting better. maybe it takes a lil bit more time until the scar fade away.
it doesn’t generate a large amount of bubble thus not too foamy which is comfortable for me.
Collagen Egg Soap 2
Collagen Egg Soap 3
* unique shape
* easy to grip, since the size match my palm
* fruit fragrance
* makes my skin softer and brighter ( in the process to achieve more result)
* doesn’t feel sticky after i rinse it off
* can’t stand up in a flat surface, due to the egg-shaped form
* strong fragrance which not suit for some people
if you’re interested with this soap, you can buy from me. fyi, last time i successfully sell off 20 sachet of Qiansoto mud mask without any profit and my mom was mad at me because she lost approximately Rp 100.000, sorry mom 😛 so by now i will sell this with my mom’s selling price, so it’s fair enough.
you can purchase this for Rp 38.000 only, and buy two for Rp 35.000 each.
i try to found out how to make the packaging nice, and i end up with this. cute right?
i thinks it’s worth for Rp 38.000 include the packaging, isn’t it?
Collagen Egg Soap-the packaging
i’m planning to make an online shop so you can purchase some things and stuff i wear and review on my blog….. what do you think?

Coastal Scents Flat Kabuki Brush and Tapered Blending Brush Review

Favorite Brush

Who doesn’t love a high quality brush but doesn’t rip your wallet off? I find Coastal Scents brushes are really good, especially for those who new to makeup.

Coastal Scents Flat Kabuki Brush and Tapered Blending Brush

The kabuki brush is one of my favorite foundation brush! Elle Fowler (also known as allthatglitters21 on youtube) posted a video about Make Up For Ever HD Foundation way back then, she was using this brush. Apparently it was discontinued, but they brought it out again on black friday (i believe it’s permanent now!). I bought it for around $6 during black friday, how awesome is that?

If you want a dupe for Sigma f80 Flat Kabuki, this might be the one for you. Although i like the Sigma better, the CS one is still a good buy and it works basically the same.

The blending brush is very very similar to Mac 217. My Mac one getting pretty dirty and stained, but i didn’t want to spend another $24 so tried looking for a similar brush and found this one! It works just as well as the Mac 217. It’s a lot cheaper and the quality is pretty good too!


PurplePink Sponge Technique Nail

i was about 20 minutes after my nail dry, and straight away post this entry!
yeayeerss i’m exited to show you my first ever sponge technique nail art 😀

PurplePink Sponge Technique Nail3

i haven’t finish all the step when i’m taking the pictures *too exited
and haven’t fix the mess all over my fingers but yeah, it looks pretty good, isn’t it?
PurplePink Sponge Technique Nail2
still messy
as you know, i really love glittery and blinking stuffs ( you can tell from my blog background ) then i end up with this purple glitter! yey! unfortunately all my nail polishes are nearly to dead and i was having a hard time picking it out from the bottle -_- that’s why i can’t put the color smoothly on my nail. ugh.

And my shaky hands! God! i had a MASSIVE shaky hands syndrome, ask all my friends if you couldn’t believe. i always literally hold my breath when i put on my eyeliner and false lashes and doing a nail art is just OHMYGOD so hard
but yeah, i’ll keep on doing it cos i love it! 😉
PurplePink Sponge Technique Nail3
thanks for supporting my blog, love you guys so much!

Bella ♥

Top 3 Favorite Clothing Brand

Day 8: Top 3 Favorite Clothing Brand

1. Forever 21
I’m not lying nor exaggerating, but 80% of my clothes are from F21. The clothes are wonders! Not to mention the shoes and jewels! I can’t stress enough on how much i love this brand. I feel like F21 has an amazing quality, yet, a decent price. How can you argue with that? Who doesn’t love cute clothing for an even cuter price? When i first saw this store (years ago), i thought the price would be crazy, until i spent $180 for 10 clothes! TEN, seriously, even my friends was amazed.

forever 21

2. Pull & Bear & Bershka
I just cant choose between these two. I really love the tops from P&B (not peanut butter & jelly). For outer wear and wallets, i truly adore Bershka. The price range is higher than F21, but it’s totally worth it. The stuff are really cute.

Full and bear 2

Pull and Bear


3. Zara
Zara is the place when i’m looking for a tank (for inner top) and more sophisticated clothes. But the product i adore the most from this brand is definitely the bags! The bags are simple, elegant, sophisticated, yet still look age appropriate (at least for me, i’m 19) and cute!



This is the list of the stores/brands i WISH are available in my country (the actual store not online)

  1. Urban Outfitters
  2. T.J Maxx
  3. Brandy Melville
  4. American Eagle




Peacock Inspired Art Makeup

i thought i already posted about this! i totally forgot,
this is my art makeup creation inspired by peacock.
if you are friends with me on facebook, probably you have seen this.

Peacock Inspired Art Makeup

the bad news is, i forgot which product that i used to make this look *my bad 🙁
but i remember i made the peacock pattern with gold cream eye shadow and dot it with blue mascara.
i didn’t put anything on her face since it was only a trial experiment
Peacock Inspired Art Makeup2
my sister’s eyes are so small -_-
Peacock Inspired Art Makeup3
i supposed to put a falsies but my sister didn’t want to
Peacock Inspired Art Makeup
tell me if you are interested to see another art makeup creation, will do more inspired look!
thanks for stopping by and you are so welcome to post any comment
Bella ♥

How to Do Quick and Easy Top Bun

How To: Quick and Easy Top Bun

So i’m doing something unusual today… Hair tutorial! A simple top bun that you can basically wear wherever and whenever you want. It’s so simple yet cute. Also, please excuse my hair color, it’s been dyed and bleached for a couple of times, i know it’s bad, but i really love changing my hair color. My previous one is actually a really light burgundy brown (sometimes it looked ginger under a bright light), but when i dyed it back to black for some reason the dye isn’t so good that it actually wears off in most places in a week! I haven’t got the time to dye it again. So if you see any discoloration or anything it’s because of that. But it doesn’t bother me that much considering i kinda like color, i don’t want my hair to be too black.

Tips: Works best with 2nd day hair (or 3rd!)

Here’s what you’ll need:

hair bow and donut

  • Hair ‘Donut’ – This is a must! I don’t know what to call it, i got it from H&M for only a dollar or two!
  • Hair Ties/Elastics
  • Hair Bow (Optional)
  • Bobby Pins (I forgot to include it in the picture!)


How to do quick and easy top bun-step1

Step 1: Untangle your hair and brush it down. Tie your hair in a high pony tail (right above your head). Make sure you use 2 elastics, to make it real tight.

How to do quick and easy top bun-step2


Step 2: Slip in the donut.

How to do quick and easy top bun-step3

Step 3: Bring your hair to the front and spread it around the donut to create the bun. Make sure you cover the donut!

How to do quick and easy top bun-step4

Step 4: Tie it with another elastic. Now you can already see the bun!

How to do quick and easy top bun-step5

Step 5: Wrap the excess hair around the bun and secure it with a bobby pins. You can be as messy as you want, just get creative!

How to do quick and easy top bun-step6

Step 6: This is optional. If you want to add an extra cuteness, feel free to add any hair bow, hair clip or any accessories you’d like.

If you’re running late to school or work, this is the perfect hairdo for you. It literally took me less than 5 minutes to do it!


REVLON ColorStay Creme Gel Eye Liner Black Review

Hey all! finally i can spare some time to write a post after my working hour *sigh

It’s been a busiest holiday ever! I nearly have no free time during my holiday >.< But it’s a productive holiday after all..
Anyway, back to the main topic!
4 days ago i got a package from Revlon, they sent me their latest ColorStay collection! I got 2 eyeshadow quad, gel liner and travel brushes. It supposed to be a DNA foundation inside but i don’t know why i didn’t get one but it’s ok since i’ve tried the foundation at Revlon counter last Sunday and it smells weird so i don’t mind.
REVLON ColorStay Creme Gel Eye Liner Black Review
 I owned their old ColorStay eyeshadow quad and i’m so happy with it so i’m so exited to try out this one!
my first impression is, the packaging is similar to Silkygirl gel liner! (review coming soon) and maybe some other gel liner has similar packaging..
REVLON ColorStay Creme Gel Eye Liner Black
the packaging said it’s…
*Easy Glide
*Bold Color
*Last for 24 hours
REVLON ColorStay Creme Gel Eye Liner Black-container
this is the size compare to my hand, it’s not to big in size and absolutely travel friendly!
REVLON ColorStay Creme Gel Eye Liner Black-bottom container
REVLON ColorStay Creme Gel Eye Liner Black-inside view
 i got the black one 001 (black noir),  also available in brown, charcoal and plum.
REVLON ColorStay Creme Gel Eye Liner Black-cap cover
i love the way they put a cap to cover the brush for hygienic issue, but somehow it damage the brush hair because some of the brush hair will be bend down as i put on the cap.
REVLON ColorStay Creme Gel Eye Liner Black-brush
the shape and the quality of the brush is quite good, the brush is stiff which make me easier to draw a line on my lid but in other hand it takes the gel harshly from the jar so the gel will be clumpy when it sticks to the brush.
REVLON ColorStay Creme Gel Eye Liner Black-swatch
here’s the swatch on my hand, it has a good pigmentation! i draw one stroke only but it’s bold enough.
it looks good when i apply it on my lid! happy
another happy thing is it didn’t smudge on my super oily lid ( i wear it for 6 hours)! wow !
REVLON ColorStay Creme Gel Eye Liner Black-when applied
REVLON ColorStay Creme Gel Eye Liner Black-closer look
i’m happy with this gel liner! And totally recommend this!
and it’s affordable, it cost Rp 75.000 ($7) at Revlon counter.
It proves that the promises on the packaging is not a lie (except it stays 24 hours cos i haven’t try lol :P)
also it’s paraben free 😀

Just wanna make myself clear,
maybe some of you are thinking why my review is always short and maybe some of you think that short review is not worth to read because a review is supposed to be long and detail. I personally think that a review is not have to be super long or super detail because the reader will be bored (like i do), i sometime skip the lines on a review because i only search for the MAIN point and does the product performs well on her/him. I make my review as short as possible without forget to tell the detail and how the product works on me, that’s my style of writing a review. Never say that i make a short review just to make my blog full and nice so people can check my post and my viewers increase. NO NO NO! i’ll be sad if you say kinda thing to me 🙁 i spent at least 3 hours to take a photo, edit, watermarking, and at least 3 days to try the product and see how it works so please don’t break my heart with that kind of thought
but, thanks for keep coming back to my blog :’) it means a lot!

hope you enjoy my review! ( and please tell me if you have any concern )


Bella ♥

Coastal Scents Fall Festival Palette Review

Transitioning To Fall: Coastal Scents Fall Festival Palette Review + EOTD

This is my second post on my little series: Transitioning To Fall. What better way to express the warm and cozy feeling other than expressing it on your eyes? I have this palette for a while now, i think i bought it during Black Friday. I fell in love with this palette the time i saw the colors!

Coastal Scents Fall Festival Palette

Coastal Scents Fall Festival Palette Review

Fall Festival Palette by coastal scent

This will be my go-to palette for fall (again). I can basically use it everyday. I dropped it so it cracked on some of the eyeshadows. The best thing about this is that you can take out the eyeshadow and put it on your Z Palette or any to-go palette.

This is such a great buy. The eyeshadows it self is very pigmented. Unfortunately, some of them are a little bit powdery, so just make sure you tap it off before applying it on your eyes.

Coastal Scents Fall Festival Palette swatches

Coastal Scents Fall Festival Palette swatches2

Overall i’m very pleased with this product. And with the price tag, i feel like everybody can afford them!

Coastal Scents Fall Festival Palette-when applied

My attempt on using the palette. Just a natural everyday look!


You can purchase it on
Retails for $12.95

My Daily Favorite Makeup

hey girls!
it’s been a month ++ since i become a university student, i did not expect to have so many task to do and unfortunately my blog was being displaced T_____T i’m sorry, it’s not my intention to do but i seriously busy these days >.< just if you guys wanna know, i work for Groovy EO 🙂
back to the topic! today i wanna share to you guys my daily favorite makeup!
My Daily Favorite Makeup
it’s kinda BB cream. i love it sooooo muchh! firstly, it has oil free formula. it absorb into my skin nicely without making my face oily. secondly, it stays long and waterproof. moreover it has spf 15, hypoallergnic, anti-wrinkle, and covers imperfection nicely
this is my current mascara, i prefer this rather than KATE ( i used to wear it ) because it dries faster and super waterproof!
it stated that it’s a powder foundation but i prefer to use it as a powder to set the bb cream because it has natural and soft finish.
probably you guys has seen this tiny little gel liner on my post, this gel liner comes up as my most favorite gel liner so far. it does stays long and waterproof, bold and easy to use.
last time i was trying to find this one at dept store but cannot find it anyway T_T this is super super nice, i own it like a year ago and i don’t know why it stays still 😛 the color is the same with my natural lip color, it has moisturizer, it looks natural on my lips, not too glossy not too mate.
you might already know that viva has the most favorite eyebrow pencil, although it cheap and look not so nice but believe me you gonna love this!
alright! this is all from me today!
hope you enjoy reading my post.. see you guys soon! really soon i promise >.<

Mac blush in Coygirl, Pinch o Peach, Well Dressed, & Flirt n Tease Swatches

Mac: Coygirl, Pinch o Peach, Well Dressed, & Flirt n Tease

I recently got 4 Mac blushes. So i want to share my opinion on each one. I like mac blushes, but i don’t love it, somehow i prefer Nars, but the mac ones are definitely great.

Mac blush in Coygirl, Pinch o Peach, Well Dressed, & Flirt n Tease

(somehow my camera didn’t show the true color,
but i will show swatches down below)
1. Flirt n Tease (sheertone shimmer) 7.8/10
Which is a gorgeous plum color with slight of gold shimmers. The color is very opaque, so be careful when you apply it. Using a light hand and sweep it on the apples of your cheeks. It’s perfect for fall and winter because of the warm color.
2. Well Dressed (satin) 8.5/10
Which is a light pink blush with just tiny bit of shimmer. It is perfect for a natural look. You can just sweep it across your cheeks without worrying that you will look like a clown. This is a great everyday color for school or work and if you are just starting using makeup, it’s a perfect first blush color.
3. Coygirl (sheertone) 7/10
Which is a pretty matte lilac pink color. I have tried well dressed on the apple of my cheeks and coygirl contouring just a little bit on the hollows of my cheeks, and they look so pretty together (credit: Elle Fowler). I say it has a little bit of purple-ish tone to it.
4. Pinch O Peach (sheertone) 9.5/10
Which is a bright pink color. But not so bright when you put it on your cheeks. From all of the colors above, pinch o peach is my personal favorite. The color is so pretty once you blend it out.
I tried to swatch the color, but the lightning is just impossible to show the true colors. This is a swatch from
Mac blush in Coygirl, Pinch o Peach, Well Dressed, & Flirt n Tease Swatches
Thank you so much for reading!

Schwarzkopf Freshlight Hair Color Sweet Apricot Review

hey readers!
it’s holiday now! finally i can post something on my blog after all works done #sigh
today i would like to share about my first experience dying my hair at home.
i use FRESHLIGHT Sweet Apricot which i bought two boxes at Watson for 89.900 Rupiah each.
Schwarzkopf Freshlight Hair Color Sweet Apricot Review
this is what included inside:
Schwarzkopf Freshlight Hair Color Sweet Apricot
and how to use it step-by-step
Schwarzkopf Freshlight Hair Color Sweet Apricot-how to
I got my hair dyed last 5 months ( i guess ), it’s kind of medium brown and i expected the color at the second chart in the middle.
Schwarzkopf Freshlight Hair Color Sweet Apricot-shades
aster i wait for 45minutes due to my long and thick hair, finally i got this color… jeng jeng!!
Freshlight Hair Color Sweet Apricot by Schwarzkopf
Freshlight Hair Color Sweet Apricot by Schwarzkopf2
Top: under sunlight | Below: room light
i don’t know why it’s my fault or what, the color doesn’t spread equally. the black color still visible but it’s ok, i like it. i also wonder why it looks dark at roomlight but if i go outside, the color shows up.
overall i love this product..
-the color looks nice
-the application is simple
-doesn’t make my hair damage
-yes it smells bad like other hair dye
-the variety of color is limited
-it shows the color more in sunlight rather in room light
anyway, i’ll go to Japan tonight! sooo, wait for my trip report on my blog.. there will be so much kawaii stuffs!!  and follow my instagram @christanath
thankyou for reading!

Mac Sheertone Blush in Hushabye & Breath of Plum Swatches

MAC: Hushabye & Breath of Plum Swatches + CCO

So i recently got two more Mac blushes which is Hushabye (Discontinued) and Breath of Plum. Both are the sheertone blushes.

Mac Sheertone Blush in  Hushabye & Breath of Plum

( Left Hushabye ; Right: Breath of Plum)

Mac Sheertone Blush in  Hushabye


Mac Breath of Plum Swatches

(Breath of Plum)

Hushabye is a deep berry color with a slight of coral undertone which is great for a bold look, while Breath of Plum is a plummy berry color which is so pretty for an everyday basis (somehow the picture looks more orange than it really is). Since they are a sheertone blush, they come out a lot more sheer on your cheeks than on the pan. FYI, i’m not really good at describing colors so i basically just wrote whatever i see. You can google for a more precise description.

Mac Sheertone Blush in  Hushabye-closer Mac Sheertone Blush in  Hushabye-back Mac Breath of Plum-closer Mac Breath of Plum-back Mac Sheertone Blush in  Hushabye & Breath of Plum Swatches

(Left: Without flash ; Right: With Flash)

From these two i must say my favorite one is Hushabye, too bad it has been discontinue. Also it has a really good pigmentation considering that it is a sheertone blush.

You can find Breath of Plum in any Mac stores, for Hushabye if you’re a US citizen you can get it from CCO (Cosmetics Company Store) too bad the CCO doesn’t have an online store/site. So you have to go there. If you’re not familiar with CCO, it’s a cosmetics store (of course) where you can get your hands on some discontinued products and they also have the permanent ones with a really good discount. The products available at CCO are only the ones that’s under or made by Estee Lauder like Mac, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, etc. At least that’s what i know. For International citizens you can get it from eBay. BUT be careful, there’s a TONS of fake mac on eBay.

Here’s my last Mac blushes post: Click here!
Ps: I’m sorry that the quality of the pictures weren’t that good on that post, so if you do want me to update it and do some swatches, just let me know!

I have a terrible terrible obsession of blushes and i can see myself purchasing more Mac blushes in the future, it’s just never seem enough for me, so stay tune for some more! Thank you for reading and have a great night!



Galaxy Nails Tutorial

How To: Galaxy Nails!

 So i’m going to show you how to create this nail art. It’s really easy and simple! You will not need any special tools, just a sponge and of course, the nail polish.
Galaxy Nails Tutorial
You’ll Need:
* Black Nail Polish (any basic black)
* Pink Nail Polish ( I’m using O.P.I Kiss Me on My Tullips)
* Blue Nail Polish (I’m using China Glaze Frostbite)
* Sponge. Any sponge, really. I’m using a makeup sponge
* Glitter Nail Polish

* Revlon Scented Polish in Ocean Breeze
(It’s a blue polish with green undertone, it’s a pearl essence nail polish. I use it to blend all the colors together)

  • Step 1
Paint 2 thin coats of the black polish.
Galaxy Nails Tutorial-1O Galaxy Nails Tutorial-2
  • Step 2
Using a makeup sponge apply the Revlon’s Ocean Breeze on the sponge and dab it on your nails. Just make sure you blend it so you cant see where it starts and where it ends.
Galaxy Nails Tutorial-4 Galaxy Nails Tutorial-5
It should look something like this:
Galaxy Nails Tutorial-6
  • Step 3
Repeat the same step for the blue polish.
Galaxy Nails Tutorial-7 Galaxy Nails Tutorial-8
  • Step 4
Again, repeat the step with the pink polish.
Galaxy Nails Tutorial-9 Galaxy Nails Tutorial-1O
This is what the final sponge-painting result should be like:
Galaxy Nails Tutorial-11
It looks pretty disgusting. But, the magic happens with the glitter. You might want to get 2 different kinds of glitter polishes. One with little specs of glitter and the other with the a bigger, round glitter. Luckily my glitter polish has both in it.
Galaxy Nails Tutorial-12
For the final step, just apply the glitter polish on top of the nails. And this is the final result!
Galaxy Nails Tutorial-13
The smaller specs of glitter will instantly create that ‘galaxy’ look and the round glitter will give it more depth.
Thank you for reading! Have a great night.

Romantic Purple Makeup

hello guys i’m back with another FOTD!
as you can see, i ombre my hair by myself few weeks ago and i change the color into pink! yey!
to match the makeup with my hair, i use purple and pink.
Romantic Purple Makeup
Romantic Purple Makeup2
i was trying to make the look as soft as possible to make it looks fresh and not too heavy. i love my hair color here! nice right?
Romantic Purple Makeup-closer look
sorry the lighting cannot work the makeup out 🙁
 it supposed to be light purple in the corner, soft pink in the middle combine with silver in the inner corner
and this is what i used:
Romantic Purple Makeup-what i used
– Revlon Photoready airbrush
– pigeon translucent powder
– coastal scent 88 original palette
– PAC contour blush
– Blush on and Lipgloss by Canmake
– Viva eyebrow pencil
– Silkygirl purple eye liner
Romantic Purple Makeup3
so this is my look for today, thankyou for stopping by!

How to Fix and Restore Dry or Thick Nail Polish

How To: Treat Your Old Nail Polishes

Do you have any nail polish that almost dried out? Here’s something that you can do!

How to Fix and Restore Dry or Thick Nail Polish cotton-nail locker

Here’s what you’ll need: 
  1. Your old nail polish
  2. Petroleum Jelly
  3. Nail polish remover (Pure acetone works the best)
  4. Cotton balls or cotton pads
  5. Nail thinner
Step 1:
How to Fix and Restore Dry or Thick Nail Polish-2
  • Soak the cotton ball into the nail polish remover

Step 2:

nail polish nail polish-2 nail polish-3

  • As you can see from the picture that the top of the bottle is crusty caused by the dried out polish. So here’s what you’re gonna go, take the cotton ball and wipe it on top of the bottle to smooth out the surface.

Step 3:

nail polish-4 nail polish-5

  • If the polish is already thickened up, drop just a little bit of the nail thinner and shake it well. Shaking a nail polish is not good for the polish, but this time i guess it’s okay.

Step 4:

petroleum jelly-vaseline nail polish-6

  • Take a cotton swab and dip it in the petroleum jelly. You can also use your finger. I cant really explain this part, i’m pretty sure the picture explains it all, but just wipe it around the top part of the bottle so when you want to use it, it’s easy to open and close.

nail polish-7


And there you have it, a clean, smooth, and ready to use nail polish just like freshly bought from the store!

*You can get O.P.I Nail Lacquer Thinner from amazon or ebay or any local drugstores that sells O.P.I.
Price: Vary, depends on where you buy it. Usually from $10 – $20
Hope this helps and thank you for reading, have a great day!