For those who has oily or combination skin, loose powder would be your best friend!

why? because the particle of loose powder can absorb your excessive oil on your skin better than using compact powder.

I do have oily + acne prone skin with pretty large pores and i prefer to use
loose powder rather than compact powder to prevent cakey look.
In this post i will show a comparison between two cheap loose powder
 which i found interesting to share.
since the price of this two product are similar, i guess it’s fair enough
to judge ( it cost only about 10.000-15.000 Rupiah)
left : PIGEON SQUALANE FACE POWDER (translucent)
you can find this at the local store (Indonesia)
not gonna judge by the color of the packaging cos i bought the Sariayu like 4 months ago and Pigeon last month, obviously Sariayu is more worn out.
they provide different shade of color (Pigeon only provide one shade, Sariayu has 5 shades )
i guess Sariayu is more suitable for those who has yellow undertone, while Pigeon is suitable for those who has pink or white undertone
 here’s i found interesting! i broke my nail when i was trying to open the Sariayu :” i seriously having a hard time with the cap other than with Pigeon, i can pull out the cap easily! yey
 from the texture, i can tell Pigeon has softer texture rather than Sariayu.
Sariayu has more pigment rather than Pigeon, it also can be seen when it’s apply to my face. when i apply Sariayu, my skin become yellowish and it does lighten my skintone a lil bit while when i apply Pigeon, my skin tone stays the same only it gives a “i’m wearing powder” look  ( i don’t know how to describe )
for coverage, Sariayu did better to cover up pores while Pigeon has a sheer finish.
Pigeon has better oil control according to me, and it feels more comfortable on your
 face like you don’t wearing anything.
and both have the same staying power,  about 3-4 hours.
the only thing that i hate about cheap product is the FRAGRANCE! ugh.
 both have strong fragrance  but Pigeon smells better! it smells like a baby
powder which is not really annoying, Sariayu smells like a cheap
parfume which is a big nonononono!
i always literally hold my breath everytime i put it on my face
OVERALL, both of them are worth the price ( i mean it’s not bad at all! )
for those who loves cheap product, both of them have to be on your list
 and don’t compare it with the expensive one like Skin Food or Etude
because indeed they will give you better result.
yeah, i know i’m bad at describing something no matter with
english or indonesian .
but i hope i do make any sense! lol
Bella ♥

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr in Audacious Asphalt

First of all, this is a short review, so it won’t be as long as my other review. I love cream shadow, too bad in my country the selection is not vary. I want to talk about the Maybelline Color Tattoo today. I like the fact that it’s affordable and last all day. I’ve tried Mac Paint Pot and Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes, i love them both, but they are more expensive than this one.

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr in Audacious Asphalt

Color Tattoo 24hr in Audacious Asphalt by maybelline

(comparison of Gunmetal (naked palette) & Audacious Asphalt)

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr in Audacious Asphalt-swatches

(Left;  Audacious Asphalt & Right; Gunmetal)

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr in Audacious Asphalt-applied

Overall: 9/10

* Affordable
* Easy to apply
* Last all day
* Waterproof
* Pigmented

* Not available in my country (sadly)

Available at Ulta or Target.
Retails for $7.00-$8.00



Etude House Surprise Stick Concealer Review

So, I was looking for a great concealer when I had a lot of blemishes and dark circles, then I came across Sunndahye on youtube, and she had a video featuring the Etude House Surprise Stick Concealer, and all she did was raving about that concealer all the time, so I decided to try it out, and thanks to Sunny, I’ve found my best concealer at this time ! If you are interested, keep reading !

Etude House Surprise Stick Concealer


Etude House Surprise Stick Concealer conveniently and effectively conceals spots, blemishes and dots without fading. Its light weight formula easily blends into skin for a natural even toned look, without cakiness. This concealer is great for all skin types and is not over-dry, to keep skin looking clear and beautiful all day.

The concealer comes in a stick, of course, since its title is a stick concealer. It comes with a pink cap and when you remove it and twist the bottom of it, the product itself comes out, nothing special really. But it is very small, so you can carry it around if you need it. Bye bye them cute boxes, not for this one, haha. It comes with quite lots of concealer for 7 dollars.

Etude House Surprise Stick Concealer Review

Etude House Surprise Stick Concealer-packaging

Etude House Surprise Stick Concealer-packaging2


I purchased mine from eBay, and i don’t remember what is the name of the seller, but you can also purchase it on They have a lot of products from different brands, i believe they have more than 9000 products. If you can’t find a product on their website, you can email Alice ( the owner ) and she’ll provide it for you, since her shop is based on Seoul, Korea ^.^ Great thing is she also provides FREE SHIPPING which you do not have to worry about the extra shipping cost ^.^
The texture of this concealer is very creamy and very easy to blend ! But it doesn’t have any scent, really ! i think it is one of Etude product that has fragrance free, but i don’t really care anyways, haha. By the way, my shade is W13 Natural Beige, if you were wondering….
Etude House Surprise Stick Concealer-texture
The coverage of this concealer is daebak ! I love it a lot, I dont get breakouts a lot but when I do, this concealer comes in helpful, as I also use it for my dark under eyes circles. On the day I was taking pictures, my hand was red from the lip tint, so after I applied the concealer on one side, you can already see the different and how the great the coverage is !
Etude House Surprise Stick Concealer-coverage test
– good coverage !
-easy to blend, creamy texture
-very moisturizing, not drying !
-small but lots of products
-cheap around 7-8 dollars
-works as it claims
-easy to useRATING
Will I repurchase : Definitely, absolutely, positively ! (^.O)/FINAL THOUGHTS
I love this concealer a lot, thanks to Sunny, haha, go on youtube, search sunnydahye, and check out her channel, she is very amazing and helpful when it comes to Korean skincare and makeup ! It is very moisturizing, though it is a stick concealer. This concealer is always gonna be my holy grail.. haha. but maybe I should try other ones too, oh yeah. I purchase the Tony Moly Pot Concealer and i’m still waiting for it, hope it works well like this one too ^.^

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Etude House BB Cream
Thanks for reading and bye ~

Guerlain Parure Aqua Fluid Foundation – 02 Beige Clair Review

Hi everyone! So here is my Guerlain Parure Aqua Fluid Foundation – 02 Beige Clair Review!

First Impression: 
The very first thing i noticed when i applied this foundation is the smell. It smells so good. It feels very luxurious on my skin. It’s easy to blend and the consistency is really nice, not to thick but not too watery. It gives my skin a very radiant glow.

Guerlain Parure Aqua Fluid Foundation - 02 Beige Clair ReviewI do noticed that the color gets darker throughout the day. I got the lightest shade which is number 02 and it matches me perfectly. However if you have fair skin, this might be a bit too dark for you.
This a high end foundation with (of course) a higher price. I’d say i recommend it, i am impressed, but i don’t think that it’s that amazing. I still like my Bobbi Brown Long-wear Even Finish Foundation better.

Guerlain Parure Aqua Fluid Foundation - 02 Beige Clair-swatch

Guerlain Parure Aqua Fluid Foundation - 02 Beige Clair-on my face

Overall: 8/10
* Easy to blend
* Nice scent
* Luxurious
* Gives a radiant glow

* Limited shades
* The staying power is not too long

You can get this at Sephora or Ulta
Price: Around $59 ( I got mine for $59 or IDR 590.000)


Coastal Scent 88 Original Pallete Review, Swatches

hey peeps!
i got some reviews of my coastal scent 88 original palette which i got as my birthday present! thanks to all my lovely bitchass!
Coastal Scent 88 Original Pallete Review
you know i’m so in love with colors!
actually i feel so sayang to use it cos the smooth surface and the nice looking round shape will be ruined but i still have the other 120 colors palette and i think it will be more sayang if i don’t touch them at all…
Coastal Scent 88 Original Pallete
88 Original Pallete by coastal scent2
my sister is so noisy and complaining because i took like 15 minutes freezing and i take a puppy face expression and keep saying :sayang.. gamau sentuh itu masih bagus sayaangg and with a slap from my sister, i finally swatch it and………………….it feels good
LOL sorry for exaggerating, but really i don’t wanna touch it at the first time
here’s the swatches with flash and without flash
Coastal Scent 88 Original Pallete-swatches
Coastal Scent 88 Original Pallete-swatches2
Coastal Scent 88 Original Pallete-swatches3
Coastal Scent 88 Original Pallete-swatches4
the 88 colors contain matte shadow and shimmery shadow. Actually i swatch all the colors already and took a photo for each but it will be too much if i post all the photos so i choose 4 pictures only.. i hope that’s okay!

what i found after swatching it one by one, not all the color is pigmented especially the light color but the other darker color is ok. I suggest you to put a primer first before the application to make the color pop out and stay longer on your lid and use the flat brush instead of fluffy brush if you want to make a result of bolder color on your lid.
For me, the shimmery color isn’t really shimmery.. i mean i can’t really notice if it is a shimmery color when i apply it on my lid. I have no problem if it is chalky because if it’s not chalky, it supposed to be a cream shadow instead.
overall i’m quite happy with this palette bcos it has many colors and it blends easily though it’s not really have a good pigmentation. For comparison, in my opinion this palette works similar with my Sariayu quad and my L’oreal Open Eyes Pro quad did better.
88 Original Pallete by coastal scent review
i wasn’t letting my sister touch it before i did! LOL

thanks for reading!  i hope it’ll helps..
if you have any other opinion about this palette, i would be happy if you share it in the comment box below.
lotsa love,
Bella ♥

Etude House Dear Girl Be Clear BB Cream Review

Hello everyone! Today, I’ll be doing a review of the Etude House Dear Girls Be Clear BB Cream that I got as a gift from my lovely friend, Chee from, so be sure to check her out too! I replaced the old pictures with the new pictures because it was too ugly, haha!

Etude House Dear Girl Be Clear BB Cream


With its soft application, this dual effect whitening + UV protection BB Cream promotes youthful skin with its natural coverage that conceals imperfections and uneven skin-tone.

This is a BB Cream that I thought was similar to the ShiniStar Clear BB Lotion but i was wrong. hehe. The other one was the BB Lotion which obviously would feel lighter than BB Cream. Also, the other one only has SPF 20 PA ++ while the Dear Girls BB Cream has the SPF 30 PA++, more of sun protection, perfect for summer !
Etude House Dear Girl Be Clear BB Cream-descriptions
As i mentioned earlier, I received this as a gift from Chee (: but you can also purchase it at W2beauty has a lot of old and new products, so you’ll be able to find what you want for sure!
As expected from Etude House, the packaging of this product is as well pink ! lol i love it, so cute. The decorations are those birds, tress, mirrors, bows, flowers, high heels, stuffs that are related to us girls (: That’s why the name of the link of this line is DEAR GIRLS ^.^
The product itself comes with a lighter pink cap, contains 30g of product which is so reasonable for its price also, but don’t worry, this bb cream will cover your whole face with just a tiny pea size, so a little goes a long way, hehe
Etude House Dear Girl Be Clear BB Cream Review
Etude House Dear Girl Be Clear BB Cream-back packaging
Etude House Dear Girl Be Clear BB Cream-the lid
This BB Cream smells so good indeed! I love how sweet and floral it smell like. It does not smell heavy or too much at all! I love it ! when i wear this, it’s actually not that noticeable about the scent, so you guys can already infer that the smell of this is very light! On the other hand, the texture is very creamy, yet easy to blend! I love how light it feels on my skin even though it’s a BB Cream, not a BB Lotion!
Etude House Dear Girl Be Clear BB Cream-the coverage
I drew a black liner on my hand, and with the bb cream on top, I think the coverage is quite good ! Indeed, Etude’s BB Cream never disappoints me (: But, it only comes in one shade which was a little disappointing, but luck I have light-fair skin tone, it still suits me perfectly!
Etude House Dear Girl Be Clear BB Cream-the coverage test
I have only used it for couple times now, days and nights when i go out. I think the staying power of this bb cream is quite good ! It stays on your face for around 5-6 hours without reapply, so that’s pretty good for me (: The oil control of this bb cream is quite good too (: For a combination skin like me, oil starts to appear  4-5 hours after I applied the bb cream. Then if i use a pact or plotting paper, it can stay matte even longer ! I love how light and moisturizing it feels on my skin.
-cute packaging (:
-smells good ^^
-a little goes a long way
-creamy texture
-easy to blend
-moisturizing and not drying
-spf 30 pa++ sun protection !
-whitening effect
-good coverage
-good oil control
-only comes in 1 shade
i dont think i found a bad thing about this bb cream aside that it comes only in one shade, may not suits for people with darker skin tones.
I love it (: 5/5
I actually love everything about this awesome BB Cream (: Love how light and moiturizing it feels, how good is the coverage and oil control, and the main part is the SPF 30 PA ++ and the cute, lovely packaging ! I hope you try it, it will not disappoints you at all !
For a few next reviews, I will be doing reviews of another two products from this line, it is their moisturizer and their pact, so stay tuned !


The Balm Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette Review

I recently bought a new palette! It’s the Meet Matt(e) Nude by The Balm. The concept of this palette is quiet funny. The Balm released the original Meet Matt(e) palette some years ago, the palette is much smaller and then they released another one again.

The Balm Meet Matte Nude Palette Review The Balm Meet Matte Nude Palette Review2


As you can see the Meet Matt(e) (dressed) is smaller than the Meet Matt(e) Nude 😉 I really do love texture. It’s really smooth and pigmented. It blends super nicely and the longevity is amazing.

If you like matte shadows you will love this palette. The shades are more on the warm side. It’s suitable for an everyday basis and you can smoked it up with the darker colors as well.

The Balm Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette

The Balm Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette-swatches

The Balm Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette2

The Balm Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette-swatches2

The Balm Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette3

The Balm Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette-swatches3

(for some reason, the left and the right color looks… purple in the picture :/)

Sorry for the mess on the palette, being the clutz that i am i spilled a rubbing alcohol all over it. Anyway, i really recommend this palette if you fancy matte shadows.

The Balm Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette-when applied

(My attempt on doing a look with this palette)

Overall: 9/10

* Blend nicely
* Smooth
* Pigmented
* Cute (and funny) packaging
* Reasonable price


You can get this at Sephora or Ulta.
It retails for $42.00
Indonesia: The Balm counter in Plaza Indonesia ( I think)


Effortless Makeup Tips

Wearing makeup is easy! You don’t need  to put TOO MUCH product on your face indeed.

In this post i will show you my version of EFFORTLESS makeup, and it suits for everyday look.
some people say if you’re wearing makeup you will look older and unnatural, yes it might be but you won’t find any unnatural and old look here!
Effortless Makeup Tips
Effortless Makeup Tips2
i’m not wearing anything, not even powder (top photo), now you see my bare face 8D
no photoshop ( i only edited the brightness )
if you notice, the big difference is on my eyes. LENS bring a BIG INFLUENCE on my face. as you can see my pupil and iris are so small. thanks to who made big diameter lens! *kiss kissi’m wearing softlens from newlook (wonder). i prefer softlens rather than circle lens for daily wear because i wear it all the time and softlens feels more comfortable rather than circle lens.

Effortless Makeup Tips-EYES
Effortless Makeup Tips-EYES2
 i only use this…
Effortless Makeup Tips-what i used
Pigeon Translucent powder
Sariayu quad ( only use the brightest color on the middle)
Canmake liquid liner
Oriflame black pencil liner
Viva eyebrow pencil
Kate mascara
 NYX round lipgloss
(you may also wear bb cream before put any powder)
 * don’t put too much foundation ( bb cream or two way cake will be better )
* don’t put too much powder or it will look heavy, apply powder with a blush brush
* choose earth tone color for eyeshadow
* no need to contour your face too much, you can do it on your nose bridge and cheeckbone with a sheer contouring
* choose nude or natural color for lips, NO RED
* NO HARSH EYEBROW, chocolate eyebrow pencil will be a good choice
* don’t put too much blush on
conclusion : NO NEED TO PUT TOO MUCH 🙂
anyway, this is only according to my opinion and experience. i’m not a beauty expert so forgive me if i did some mistake. hope it helps!
Effortless Makeup Tips3
Effortless Makeup Tips4
kiss and hug,
Bella ♥

Etude House Happy Essential Cleansing Foam-Collagen Review

Hi girls, here is my Etude House Happy Essential Cleansing Foam-Collagen Review!

I have been using this for couple weeks now, and let me tell you, I totally fell in love with it!

Etude House Happy Essential Cleansing Foam-Collagen

 Etude House Happy Essential Cleansing Foam-Collagen
killer packaging, hehe ^.^
Etude House Happy Essential Cleansing Foam-Collagen Review
There are actually 5 different kinds of foaming cleanser in this line. They all comes in different colors and all give different results.
Etude House Happy Essential Cleansing Foam-5
Happy Essential Cleansing Foam Collagen PINK♡
Happy Essential Cleansing Foam Hyaluronic Acid BLUE♡
Happy Essential Cleansing Foam Vitamin C YELLOW♡
Happy Essential Cleansing Foam With Hazel BROWN/GREY ♡
Happy Essential Cleansing Foam White Clay WHITE ♡
Mine is in collagen form. It has 40% of moisturizing which is very nice for whoever has normal to dry skin like me ^.^ Usually, my skin gets really dry when I try to use a foaming cleanser. However, after trying this out, I fell in love with it. It is such an awesome product that worth every penny.
Etude House Happy Essential Cleansing Foam-back packaging
Product Description:
Happy Essential Foam-Collagen
Formulated with 40% moisturizers, this creamy cleansing foam gently removes impurities with rich lather, while Marine Collagen extract promotes elasticity and firmness. Skin is happy again, feeling clean, smooth and soft. It features a moisturizing cleansing foam that uses Collagen and rich lather to remove oil and residues for smooth, soft sensation 😉
Sounds great ~ huh?

seriously, this cleanser just absolutely does what it suppose to do! I am very happy that I discovered this product hehe ~

Etude House Happy Essential Cleansing Foam-lid
This is how the cap look likes, seems very clean though hehe ^^ i kinda took care of it.
Etude House Happy Essential Cleansing Foam-lid2
There’s a hold inside which where your products come out, hehe(:
The scent of this foam is really nice too. I don’t know how to describe it, but it is a really pleasant smell that you’ll like!
Etude House Happy Essential Cleansing Foam-the product
For a better post, I’ve decided to give a better demo ^.^
So, here I will be washing my hand using my Etude House Happy Essential Cleansing Foam-Collagen to erase my makeup on my hand.
This product is very creamy, it slide on your face very easily ^.^
And I’ll be right back since I do not want to wet my camera!
Etude House Happy Essential Cleansing Foam-the product
This is what I have now (;
Can you see the result ? and how clean they are ?
This foam not only will erase your makeup, but it will also firm your skin and give it a healthy, dewy looks, and a moisturize feeling ^.^
Overall :
Scent: Nice (; very pleasant smell^^
Texture: Creamy, easy to blend
Does what it say: Yes(: totally good ^o^
Price: Hehe, affordable $8.09 from rubyruby76(;
Rating: 5/5 ooh’ yesss!
What are you waiting for ? Are you going to buy it ? Let me know below ^.^
Thanks for reading guys ~ I’ll try to do more reviews in the future ^.^
Please follow, and be my lovely readers, thanks again ~

Minion Nail Art Step by Step

Despicable Me 2: Minion Nail Art Tutorial

So this tutorial was inspired by the Minions from Despicable Me 2 movie.


Minion Nail Art Step by Step

You’ll Need:


  •  A small and a big dotting tool
  •  A thin nail art brush (Or a white and a black stripper polish)
  • A nude polish (O.P.I – Bubble Bath)
  • A yellow polish  (Nicole by O.P.I – Hit The Lights)
  • A dark blue polish (China Glaze – Blue Paradise)
  • A white and a black polish
  • A base coat (O.P.I Original Nail Strengthener)
  • A top coat (Seche Vite)

nail art tools

Step by Step: 
  • Drawing the Minion
1. Paint your ring finger yellow and let it dry
Minion Nail Art Step by Step2
2. Paint the tip blue
Minion Nail Art Step by Step3
3. Add a line with the black stripper or a thin nail art brush dipped in black polish
Minion Nail Art Step by Step4
4. Mix the white and the black polish to create a grey polish, then with a big dotting tool place the grey dot right in the middle of the black line
Minion Nail Art Step by Step5
5. Dot a white polish on top of the black and do the same step for the black dot (for the pupil)
Minion Nail Art Step by Step7
6. With the black stripper draw a curve line under the eye for the lips and seal it a top coat!
Minion Nail Art Step by Step7
  •  Drawing the other fingers
1. Paint you thumb, pointer finger, middle finger, and pinkie nude
Minion Nail Art Step by Step8
2. With the yellow polish draw an asymmetrical line on the tip of the nail and fill it in
minions nail art
3. Do the same with the blue polish but this time overlapping the yellow. Seal it with top coat and you’re done!
Minion Nail Art Step by Step9
Hope you enjoy it!Xoxo


Geo Angel Brown Circle Lenses Review

This is my first review about circle lens anyway, and i’m going to share about Geo Angel Brown which is my favorite series from all circle lens i’ve tried. this is may be an old series but never mind, i love it!

Geo Angel Brown Circle Lenses

i’ve tried this lens last year in grey color and no longer using circle lens bcos i’m scared if it scratched my eyes if i’m wearing it everyday T_T
and now i have chance to try it again! yey!

This lens comes from DoLoveYield ( they do have cheaper price! )
the actual price of Geo Angel series is Rp 90.000 and you can use my code : CHRISTANATH to get 10% off  *circle lens only* so you can get a price for Rp 81.000 only! cheap right?

this is what i got

Geo Angel Brown Circle Lenses Review

Angel Brown Circle Lenses by Geo

the owner is so nice and kind like seriously! she gave me freebies!

Geo Angel Brown Circle Lenses-bottom container

Geo Angel Brown Circle Lenses-soft contact

even they over you a cheap price, they do sell ORIGINAL product!
About the lens:
~Power : 0 s/d -10.0~

Diameter 14mm
Base Curve 8.6
Water Content 38%

Geo Angel Brown Circle Lenses-when worn indoor

For me 14mm is enough to enlarge my eyes, i think my actual diameter is about 13.5 so 14mm is definitely larger. I found that circle lens with diameter 14-15mm is ok for me and it feels comfortable but i would say NO NO to 17mm lens x__x i would be a ghost instead of kawaii -_-
so, overall…
*color : 4/5
i would be happy if the color is brighter because it turns really dark inside the room. but it’s not a problem if you wanna have a natural color.
*design : 5/5
i love the design as well as the Nudy series, it gives natural look rather than doll-ish look. i doesn’t seems like a fake eye at all XD
*comfort: 4/5
for those who has small eyes like me ._. 14mm diameter lens is comfortable enough, but for those who have bigger diameter eye maybe you should choose 15mm+ lens. It doesn’t irritate my eyes at all, yes it dries after 4-5 hours which is normal. i went outside for 12 hours using this lens, it was blurry a lil bit but a drop of the lens water (?)#whateveryoucallit can help.
*enlargement: 4/5
again, for small eyes it does enlarge your eyes. and for those who have big eyes, this would not works well i guess.
Thanks a lot for stopping by!
Bella ♥



Maybelline Color Tattoo in Tough as Taupe & Tenacious Teal

I finally got two more of the Maybelline Color Tattoo. I sure hope these wonderful products will be available soon in my country.

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Tough as Taupe & Tenacious Teal

Tenacious Teal is a darker shade of blue with shimmers. The shimmers make this shade kind of brighter on person than on pictures. It’s really pigmented and glides on smoothly.
Tough as Taupe is a matte taupe shade. Since it is a flat color, the finish is semi-matte. The more you rub it in on your eyelids, the sheerer it will be. I’d say it’s a little bit hard to blend, but i still like the color for an everyday basis. I might use this a base for Mac Satin Taupe, both looks amazing together.

Tenacious Teal

Tough as Taupe

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Tough as Taupe & Tenacious Teal-swatches

I love the fact that the Color Tattoos are so pigmented and last all day. I tried wiping it off with a facial wipes and it was still there! It came off when i remove it using olive oil/eye makeup remover.
Overall i’m very pleased with this product. Tenacious Teal in particular is one of my favorite shade to put on my lower lash line. Perfect for summer!
Maybelline Color Tattoo in Tough as Taupe & Tenacious Teal-when applied Maybelline Color Tattoo in Tough as Taupe & Tenacious Teal-when applied2

Products Used:
– Maybelline Rocket Volume’ Mascara (Waterproof)
– Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Liner
– Revlon Retractable Eye Liner in Black

Overall: 9/10

* Last all day
* Pigmented
* Affordable

* Some shades are hard to blend




NYX Round Lipgloss in Natural Review

hello peeps!
today i will share a review of my current favorite lipgloss
here is it, NYX Round Lipgloss in Natural  (22)
NYX Round Lipgloss in Natural
i don’t like to wear any lip product actually because i feel uncomfortable with the stickiness and i often lick my lips (bad habit) so it’s a waste if i’m wearing  lipgloss/lipstick and 5 mins later i “eat” it
i wonder if : eating lipgloss -> chemical goes to my tummy -> chemical = poison -> i will be poisoned because of eating lipgloss -> 5 months later i will die.
but i think all over again, i eat my lipgloss and still alive! yey!
conclusion : lipgloss can be eaten!
NYX Round Lipgloss in Natural2
NYX Round Lipgloss in Natural3
NYX Round Lipgloss in Natural4
it said on the packaging, HYPO ALLERGENIC/CRUELTY FREE
NYX Round Lipgloss in Natural5
i didn’t find PARABEN in the ingredients
NYX Round Lipgloss in Natural6
cute icon on the packaging
NYX Round Lipgloss in Natural-the wand
The applicator
NYX Round Lipgloss in Natural-when worn
NYX Round Lipgloss in Natural-swatch
* the color is natural (i prefer natural rather than pigmented color for lip wear)
* doesn’t feel sticky
* not too glossy/oily like after eating bakwan lol
*juicy and moisture my lips
* doesn’t make my lips dry
* nice packaging ( i always love NYX packaging <3 )
* suits for daily use
* i think the packaging is lil bit fragile, i’m scared if it’s crack inside my makeup pouch
* i hope it last longer than 3 hours, but it’s not really a big deal though

see you on the next post!



Concert Beauty Essentials

Concert Essentials: All Time Low Concert

So a little over a week ago i went to an All Time Low concert. I’ve been waiting for them to come here for 4 years and it finally paid off, the best night in my life, no exaggeration there. Since it was really hot (it was 105 degrees) all of the products i was using are waterproof or long wear.

Concert Beauty Essentials


* Foundation: Mac Pro Longwear Foundation – I recommend a pro longwear foundation for any kind of concert you’re going to, especially the ones that’s outdoor like i was.
* Concealer: Mac Studio Finish Concealer – If you’re skin is good enough, don’t use concealer. You’ll be dancing and jumping around all day/night, so i recommend less face makeup. I have acne scarring and discoloration on my face, so it’s pretty necessary.
* Powder: Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural – I have combination oily skin, so need a matte powder. Since it contains mineral it’s more matte than some other powders.


* Primer: Urban Decay Primer Potion – Primer is essential. My eyeshadow never crease easily so the UDPP is fine for me. If you have oily eyelids, i recommend trying the NARS Eyeshadow Primer, it works like a charm!
* Eyeshadow: Naked 1 Palette – Since it was an All Time Low concert i think it necessary to wear something dark. So i decided to wear a smokey eyes, what better palette than the Naked Palette?
* Eyeliner: Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Liner – For eyeliner try the gel ones, since they’re last the longest (than pencil or liquid) plus it’s easy to work with!
* Mascara: Maybelline Rocket Vollume Mascara in Waterproof  Formula – You can use any mascara you want. Just make sure it’s waterproof! (By the way i forgot to inculde it in the picture, sorry!)


* Benefit Posietint – I absolutely, positively recommend using a lip/cheek stain or tint. Simply because they look more natural and they last all day long


  1. If it’s allowed, bring BOTTLED WATER. I should have but i didn’t and it was a nightmare. I was singing, jumping and dancing around without any drink for 7 hours straight. I think you can bring one to Wango Tango, but sadly some concerts doesn’t allow you to bring one (safety reason, some people might put vodka in the bottle or throwing it on stage and hurt the artist(s)). If you’re going to WARPED, i suggest bringing an empty bottle or a sealed one. If you bring an empty one, i believe you can fill in inside the venue.
  2. If you think you’re going to pass out in the middle of the concert, DON”T hesitate to seek medical attention. Get out of the crowd (if you cant, ask the security guy, they can help you)
  3. If you see someone is hurt inside of a mosh pit, help them out or call the security to help them.
  4. Eat something before going to the venue (2-3 hours before, or else you’ll throw up)
  5. Last but not least, enjoy it. But don’t force yourself.
I suggest bringing a small bag filled with some cash, ID, cell phone, and some tissues. But if you’re like me – feeling safer when you bring lots of stuff, just in case- then here’s the list:
What To Bring: 
  1. Hand sanitizer
  2. Tissue – for sweat or tears (yes i cried because i was so excited)
  3. Wet wipes
  4. Portable charger
  5. Camera
  6. Cellphone
  7. Small wallet contain cash, ID, and some change (bring extra money if you want to buy the merchandise!)
Optional :
  • Blotting paper
  • Powder (to touch up)
Have fun at your concert!
If you haven’t notice, yes my blog name is Barakitten – Jack Barakat fans. I’ve been a fan of them for 5 years.Some pictures from the concert:

Concert Beauty Essentials-concertpic1
Concert Beauty Essentials-concertpic2
Concert Beauty Essentials-concertpic3
Concert Beauty Essentials-concertpic4
Concert Beauty Essentials-concertpic5
Concert Beauty Essentials-concertpic6

TheFaceShop Clean Face Sebum Control Soothing Mask Sheet Review

For those who often using makeup, it’s a must to often pamper your skin at least once a week. Using mask is the easiest way yet very effective to rejuvenate your skin and prevent your complexion to become dull.

TheFaceShop Clean Face Sebum Control Soothing Mask Sheet

This time, i was trying The Face Shop Clean Face Sebum Control Soothing mask which i bought view weeks ago at TFS counter. I concern about my big pores and overwhelm oil on my skin so i try everythinggg that promise to control shine and tighten pores  and i end up buying this even it’s not stated that it can tighten pores but yeah, the SA said it’s good so i just grab it a lil bit pricey though.

TheFaceShop Clean Face Sebum Control Soothing Mask Sheet review

it contains Green Tea which is good for oily and acne prone skin

TheFaceShop Clean Face Sebum Control Soothing Mask Sheet-green tea

(i forgot to take a picture of the mask before i put it on my skin)
a lil bit descriptions ,
* the mask paper is a lil bit thick which is good~
* it has a good scent, but somehow it’s too strong until it spread all over my bedroom and my sister said, do you wearing perfume at night? -_-
minus point : i smell an scent of alcohol which make me feel dizzy
* the essence is plentiful and not slimy yucky lol
TheFaceShop Clean Face Sebum Control Soothing Mask Sheet-when worn
it says wait for 15-20 minutes before i took off the mask, but i think i leave it more than 20 minutes until all the essence absorbs by my skin and the mask feels dry.
after using this mask….
i was soooooo happy about the result!
* my skin become softer, supple, brighter, refreshed, and so on so on in a good wayyy~
* and it TIGHTEN MY PORES! Hallelujah praise the Lord!
* it does control my excessive oil until the next day. it doesn’t really make my skin not oily at all, but at least it decrease the shine.
I do recommend this for those who has acne prone skin, oily skin and big pores because it’s really really works well!
but i don’t think i will buy it once a week because it’s too pricey (it cost Rp 45.000 at TFS counter ), once a month its’s ok laa~  i stick to MBD mask or other cheap mask for weekly use (gonna make a review next time)
while waiting for the mask to be dry…
do i look good? *slapped LOL
TheFaceShop Clean Face Sebum Control Soothing Mask Sheet-when worn2
TheFaceShop Clean Face Sebum Control Soothing Mask Sheet-when worn3
thanks for reading, i hope you have a good day! ^^
God Bless..xo,

Bella ♥

How To: Spot Cleaning Your Brushes

If you’re on-the-go or just have no time to wash your brushes everyday, this is the perfect methods for you. Please keep in mind that spot cleaning only removes the stain and sterilize the top or most part of your brushes, you still need to wash it once a week (or more, if you use it daily).

How To-Spot Cleaning Your Brushes

You’ll Need:

  • Paper towel
  • Empty spray bottle
  • Washcloth / towel
  • Dirty brush(s)
  • Brush cleanser
Method #1:
Step 1: Transfer some of the liquid into a spray bottle.
How To-Spot Cleaning Your Brushes2
Step 2: Spray your dirty brush, mainly the top.
How To-Spot Cleaning Your Brushes3
Step 3: Wipe it on the wash cloth until the dirt comes off.
How To-Spot Cleaning Your Brushes4
Step 4: Make sure to do it a couple of times if you’re cleaning your foundation brush.
Method #2 (I’d say this is the easiest way, but you’ll waste lots of paper towel):
How To-Spot Cleaning Your Brushes5
Step 1: Fold the paper towel into four and pour the cleanser
How To-Spot Cleaning Your Brushes6
Step 2: Just like the first method, wipe the bristles until the dirt comes off.
How To-Spot Cleaning Your Brushes7
Step 3: Unfold the paper towel to reveal a clean spot and wipe your brush one more time. Do it over and over again until it’s clean or at least good enough to use.
Extra info:
– The cleanser i was using is from Mac (I bought it for $15 last year, i don’t know how much it is now)
– The brush is the Coastal Scents flat kabuki brush
– For a cheaper alternative, i believe ELF carry a brush cleanser/shampoo

Remember, cleaning your brush is very important. Imagine using the same brush over and over again with the same bacteria. Dirty brush might cause a break out or a rash on your face (if your face is sensitive).

Don’t forget to wash your brush at least once a week!

Hada Labo Products Review

i bet you know about this famous Japanese skin care, Hada Labo.
This brand is very trending nowadays among Indonesian beauty blogger since Hada Labo has been released in Indonesia and like others do, i go grab it in no time.
Hada Labo products
i got mine in Shirojyun series + Gokujyun night cream ( i can’t find the shirojyun night cream so i go with this )
you can find it at Watson with a very affordable price, i honestly don’t know why the price is higher in Japan
step 1 : facial wash
Hada Labo products-facial wash
Hada Labo products-facial wash2
this is my favorite! i love this face wash sooooo much! it’s so moist and doesn’t let my face dry or stiff  after i wash off my face, my previous face wash did so but since my face is very picky to several brand of facial foam so i stick to my previous brand of face wash at least it doesn’t makes me break out but now Hada Labo shirojyun face wash successfully take place as my holy grail face wash! haha. it makes my skin sooo soft..
the texture is soft and milky, it has white milk color. doesn’t contain any scrub.
step 2 : Lotion
Hada Labo products-lotion
Hada Labo products-lotion2
after you wash your face, it’s a must to put on a toner or Japanese call it lotion.
Hada Labo shirojyun lotion is a best seller product which sold 1 every 2 seconds in japan! woo
basically it works like other lotion could do ( it feels so fresh and makes my skin supple ), but what makes i amazed was i only need two drops to cover my whole face such a thrift.
step 3 : Milk
Hada Labo products-milk
Hada Labo products-milk2
Hada Labo shirojyun milk is a kind of moisturizer. i rarely use a moisturizer product because i have an oily skin and using moisturizer would make my skin even more oily and i hate it, but i would say that   i have no problem with this
the texture is light and sheer, it easily absorbed by pores and doesn’t add more oily to my face.
step 4 : night cream
Hada Labo products-night cream
Hada Labo products-night cream2
honestly says, this is not really my favorite, i guess is because it’s a gokujyun series then it feels damp on my skin i think it might be suit for dry skin but since i use it at night, it’s not a problem. other than that, i have no complain at all. my skin feels soft in the morningit slightly has different texture compare to my previous night cream which is very creamy and thick, it’s lighter and watery.

after using it for a month, i love them so much.
it suits my skin and works nice! even it doesn’t makes my skin whiter (because i walk under the burning sun almost everyday *sigh) but they makes my skin healthier, supple and free from acne and one more thing that makes me happy with them is, they are so efficient! little drops for whole face.
and that’s all from me today.
thanks for reading!
oiya, selamat lebaran ya bagi teman-teman yang merayakan! ^^ minal aidin mohon maaf lahir batin ya semuanya~
Bella <3

MeMeMe Flawless Finish Cream Foundation Porcelain Pure Review

Flawless Finish Cream Foundation
Stats with my opinion
. SPF 15 + Antioxidants to give environmental protection.
Obviously , this is a big plus to the majority of people i would think . SPF is always a major plus when the sunshine is out, however now its getting chillier (understatement there i think) , for me personally, I’m not all that fussed about the SPF factor. But its still an added speciality i guess.
MeMeMe Flawless Finish Cream  Foundation Porcelain Pure
Light absorbing pigments to deliver a smooth, even, hydrated and revitalised complexion.
I found this point a plus at first simply because i  prefer the satin, dewy finish that it will have on the skin. However at times i have found the ‘glow’ a bit too much and have found myself using more powder on my problem areas such as my chin and t-zone. Which with other foundations hasn’t been a problem.
Cream Foundation
When i first applied the product to my skin, it  felt really thick and was proving difficult to blend with the Real Techniques buffing brush. 
However, i have tried a few different techniques and have found that the application is a lot smoother and even by patting the foundation into the skin with a stippling motion (still using the buffing brush) or with the use of a damp beauty blender.
Medium  / Full coverage.
Amazing coverage! I found the foundation to be buildable  also, without caking up on the face. I would defiantly use this foundation for a night out as the coverage is perfect for what i need.
Lasting Power
Again, i have found this to last all day , but have found that with a primer underneath, the durability is a lot more reliable .
Anything else?
Scent- I have noticed a scent on application, however it is far from poignant  /strong or another out there smell. It is very subtle and to be honest  i find it quite pleasant.
Colour range– Poor! Very poor in my opinion. With only 4 shades, i think people would find it very hard to match up effectively. I have the lightest shade being Porcelain Pure and it is still a tad to dark for me. I have to ensure to fully blend down my neck, which isn’t one of my favourite things to do when it comes to foundations.
Overall i would give this foundation 4/5 simply because the coverage and lasting power is second to non, however it loses full marks for colour range and for the fact thats its making me use more powder to cover up my extra unwanted shine!
before after mememe
Love You, Bye !!

My Favorite Tools to do the Makeup

i was doing makeup for clients since i was in high school. i didn’t have any makeup background but i do love painting and art, for me makeup is like painting and face is the canvas. Until now i did makeup mostly for photoshoot and clients for sweet 17 from the EO where i am working at. In this post i will show you my favorite “weapons” i use for doing the makeup.

My favorite tools to do the makeup

this is some of my 2013 photoshoot makeup portfolio, i didn’t take any photo of party makeup because i always running out of time and didn’t have any chance to take a pic T.T

My favorite tools to do the makeup2

My favorite tools to do the makeup3

My favorite tools to do the makeup4

My favorite tools to do the makeup5

My favorite tools to do the makeup6

My favorite tools to do the makeup7

My favorite tools to do the makeup8

My favorite tools to do the makeup9

My favorite tools to do the makeup10

And this is my favorite tools to do the makeup

My favorite tools to do the makeup11

face primer is important to make the foundation appear smooth and nicely blend also it will make the makeup last longer. there are many kind of face primer, make sure you put the right one according to the skin type.

My favorite tools to do the makeup-FACE PRIMER

2. FOUNDATION- mine is  PAC All Day Coverage, although the smell is not so good but it has good oil control . Make sure the foundation you use has a good oil control because oily complexion can ruin the makeup especially for photoshoot.

My favorite tools to do the makeup-FOUNDATION

3. EYESHADOW- Applying the right color of eyeshadow with a good blending and gradation can make a nice illusion on the eyes. Make sure the color is right or you’ll make it looks scary o.O Btw, i rarely use eye shadow primer, it’s because i think the eyeshadow pigmentation looks fine and using eyeshadow primer makes it harder to blend. But in case you need more definition, put an eyeshadow primer before eye makeup application is a good choice.

My favorite tools to do the makeup-FALSE LASHES

This is what makes your makeup pop! Using false lashes gives you a huge make over. Wearing falsies for photoshoot never goes wrong, so play with the dramatic falsies combine with the lower one and you’ll get the best result. False lashes does makes you prettier.

My favorite tools to do the makeup-BLUSHON

5. BLUSH ON- blush on makes your face more fresh and looks “alive”. Put a wrong color of blush on can ruin the whole look, match the color with the skin tone and apply with the right amount will make it looks great.

My favorite tools to do the makeup-CONTOUR POWDER

6. CONTOUR POWDER- contour more when you do a photoshoot makeup and less for party makeup, contouring makes a nice illusion in your bone structure and correct the shape of your face. there are some techniques of contouring and one contouring techniques will not applicable to all shape of face,  it’s a lil bit hard, i still learning also.

My favorite tools to do the makeup-LIQUID EYELINETR

7. LIQUID EYELINER- I also use pencil and cream eyeliner to do the water line but liquid eyeliner is a must have item. using a liquid eyeliner makes it easier to draw a thin line and curve rather than using other eyeliner (for me) and it less smudge.

My favorite tools to do the makeup-FACIAL SPRAY

8. FACIAL SPRAY- some might not realize but it does makes your makeup last longer and nicely blend. when i run out of facial spray, i just put a mineral water in the sprayer bottle and it works the also wipe away the oil on your makeup.

My favorite tools to do the makeup-SETTING POWDER

9. SETTING POWDER- I mostly apply the setting powder after all the makeup done with a kabuki brush. it makes the make up set in and removes all the excess also blend all the colors together.

My favorite tools to do the makeup-EYEBROW PENCIL

10. EYEBROW PENCIL- this is my all time favorite eyebrow pencil it last long and really pigmented. most of MUA use this. drawing an eyebrow also makes  up your facial expression, match it with your face shape

this is the most important thing
A good brush and rightly functioned brush will affect your makeup result. make sure your brushes are clean and choose the right one to apply the makeup!

My favorite tools to do the makeup-BRUSHES

so this is all from me today! just to remind you that all i mentioned above was base on my experience since i have no makeup background. i learn by practicing and common sense XD oh! and i don’t only use this items to create the look, this is ONLY SOME of my favorite things that i mostly use to create the look.
hope it will be helpful!


Bella <3


Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette Review

So i made another cheeky purchase the other day, as i usually do. I have been eyeing this product up ever since it was launched not too long ago. This is the Urban decay Naked Flushed palette, which is kind of like the face version of the Naked eye palette. This little beaut is the same size, very compact and travel friendly but instead of eyeshadows it holds a blusher, bronzer and highlighter, which for me is a lot more appealing.

Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette

Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette Review

For £20, the product comes in one shade, but contains a matte bronzer, deep pink blush and a shimmery highlighter. Here are my overall views:

The Packaging is perfect for travelling, plastic and easy to open. It comes with a large mirror on the top half so perfect for handbag touch ups.
I have found the products to glide onto my skin. They are very silky so very easy to blend out and into one another. I apply all of them with different sized angle brushes and i find the bronzer applies like a treat, giving me a perfect base to work on with my blusher and highlight
I must say, don’t go in on these products with a heavy hand. If used too much the bronzer can look muddy and the blusher can transform you into a clown. But if you use your wits about you and just use a soft hand, the pigmentation is just perfect. These products are defiantly not sheer and i find the colours blended out into one another create a very glowy appearance and the blusher is a brilliant colour for perking up the face, as it has a little shimmer in it.
The shimmer in the highlight isn’t chunky, it adds a glow that gives your face a more dewy finish. 
I have found no need to touch up my cheeks with this product at all. The colour of the blusher stays put all day as well as the contour of the bronzer. Also every time i catch my face in the mirror, the first thing i see is my highlighted cheek bones. 
Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette-on my face
Naked Flushed Palette-urban decay
Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette-swatch
Those are all the main points i can think of that is of any importance with this product. For £20, i do think it is a fabulous deal, as you get three products in one little compact, that i must say, i will be getting some serious use out of both in my make-up bag and on the go. It is a very easy product to use and very reliable as i know i will always be able to make a good cheek look out of this palette. For me it is safe and gives me everything i am looking for. 3 in 1, who could as for more?
– Rachel