Syoss Hair Color Medium Ash Blonde No.7.1 Review

heyho ladies!
last week i was re-dyed my hair, i’m aiming to lightened my hair color and try ash color because my previous hair color is a bit too orange for me and i end up choosing medium ash blond.
i chose syoss because it’s a product from Schwarzkopf like my previous hair dye (Freshlight) and i have everything fine with the chemical thing and doesn’t make me allergy.
SYOSS Permanent Coloration in Medium Ash Blond
The last time i dyed my hair is on December 2012 with Freshlight hair dye and the color has faded away and the roots has grow and here’s the result after i re-dye my hair with Syoss!

i use one and a half bottle for my hair.
first, i touch up my roots and wait until 25 minutes then i continue to the rest of my hair.
i wait until almost an hour because i want my hair absorbed the dye completely then i wash my hair with warm water until it runs clear.
SYOSS Permanent Coloration in Medium Ash Blond-before and after
taken under indirect sunlight
i was kinda disappointed, WHERE IS THE ASH?? T.T
the color is somehow the same with my previous hair color but it less orange.
probably the color will appear after two weeks, because last time i use Freshlight hair dye the actual color appear after two weeks and it gets lighter and lighter before it start to fade out in 3 months. >.<
but yeah, it’s not a bad color and i think it still suits me so i was happy about that XD
and here’s the photo taken under the sunlight after i wash my hair once.
SYOSS Permanent Coloration in Medium Ash Blond-after application

4 Indian spices that are great for your skin

Top ways to spice up your beauty regime

Spices have been used for centuries to marinate meat and perfect curries. They’re a chef’s best friend and are loved by many – but they also have another use. These exotic ingredients can be applied topically and have both medicinal and beautifying qualities – so let’s find out more.turmeric face mask


According to the Huffington Post, Indian women rub turmeric and chickpea flour into their skin before their wedding day. Why? Well, turmeric contains a mixture of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents which can improve the tone and texture of the skin and chickpea flour is a great moisture absorber. This unusual concoction is thought to aid acne, reduce hyperpigmentation and control perspiration and can reduce the signs of ageing by fighting free radicals.

If you want to incorporate turmeric into your beauty regime, simply add a pinch to your moisturiser before going to bed.cinnamon and tumeric  face mask


A glycolic facial peel can leave you with a soft, smooth complexion, but some people rely on cinnamon instead. This exotic spice works to improve your blood circulation and can draw nutrients and oxygen to the skin – leaving you with a fresh, vibrant glow. Its antibacterial properties also help to reduce pimples and it’s even thought to regulate hormone levels – so why not give it a go?

Mix a pinch of cinnamon with a teaspoon of honey and apply it directly to spots, for a natural acne treatment.ginger face mask


Ginger adds a mouth-watering flavour to chicken curry, braised beef and prawn dishes – but it also has another function. This sushi accompaniment can improve the overall appearance of your skin and is an expert at fighting blemishes and lightening age spots, so it’s definitely worth buying a ginger rhizome.

To use ginger as a beauty product, rub thin, fresh slices gently over your skin. Let it absorb for twenty minutes before washing off with lukewarm water and patting pepper face mask

Black pepper

Believe it or not, black pepper can do more than make you sneeze. It has a heating and drying effect and can remove blackheads from your skin. It can also even out your skin tone and is available in numerous beauty products, so why not find out more?

If you don’t want to splash out for a new cleansing product, grind some fresh pepper grounds and mix them with some natural yoghurt for a cheap and cheerful face pack.

Spices have many uses, so look around in your cupboards and see what you can find.

5 Favourite Make-Up Products of The Moment

If you have a make-up collection that expands from the size of a simple little make-up bag, then you will probably either mix up the use of your products to get your moneys worth or simply stick to the products that suit your everyday needs.

Im the girl that likes to switch up my old and new and give my face a chance to experience all the make-up i own. However over the past couple of months i have noticed 5 little stowaways that have been constantly on the go.Introducing my 5 Favourite Make-Up Products of The Moment:

-Maybelline The Rocket Volume Express Mascara- Black
-Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder- Translucent
-MUA Brow Kit
-Sleek Contour Kit- Light
Maybelline FIT me concealer- 15
And here is why i like them so much…
Maybelline mascara
This mascara has taken over any favourite, overpowering, for me the ever famous ‘Benefit They’re Real’ I don’t know if its the wand, the formula or a mixture of both, but this mascara gives me ‘my best lashes’ For me it creates the perfect ‘false lash’ look as well as keeping it natural. My lashes never look clumpy or spidery, as the mascara defines both my longer and shorter lashes, literally just extenuating the features i was born with.
laura mercier
A good powder is the key to keeping shine at bay, adding an extra layer of coverage and of course to set your foundation. This has been my favourite since i spent my well saved pounds on it. I love how light this powder is (mineral) It never cakes and the fact that it is translucent solves all the problems to all of the other coloured powders i have. For me it is my safe layer, without it I’m afraid of foundation slippage, so its kind of like a safety blanket for my face. Its a great luxury powder that continues to serve me well. At £29 a pot, the day it runs out will defiantly scare my bank balance a little.
brow kit
Cheap, Cheerful and bloody brilliant is this product all wrapped up. A brow kit with not one but three shades and a wax. Even without the pair of tweezers and mini brush, this product is a win for only £3! I use the darkest shade and i have to say it is the best colour match i have tried in terms of brow colour. Never mind HD brow kit, this does exactly the same. Set the powder with a clear mascara and your brows will be the centre piece of any compliments that come your way. Ever since i have started using this palette and correctly filling in my brows, my ceterpillers now get the recognition the deserve. Go facial hair!
bronzing powder
Now this is a classified lingering product. This product has been with me ever since the start of my collection, so i think it takes the sash for longest serving favourite. The bronzing powder is a perfect matte shade that i not only use to add some colour into my face but onto my neck too. Snow white is the colour of my neck and with the help of this product, it provides an instant warmth and again is my safety net when it comes to making sure my snow white skin doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb, but instead blends perfectly with my face make-up.
Concealing those under eyes, blemishes and any other imperfections is a girls, probably biggest must. I always say to my girlfriend that ‘all i need is my brow kit and my concealer and i would be comfortable walking out the door’. This is a god send concealer as its cheap, readily available, in a variety of shades, doesn’t cake up and offers amazing coverage that lasts all day if set correctly. Reliability with this is 100% for me.
I have found that make-up is very much like best friends. You relay on them more than anything else to help you out, with them they give you that extra ounce of confidence and without them, that once beloved safety blanket has blown away.
Which make-up products are your BFF’s?


SkinLiFE Foaming Facial Wash and Face Lotion Review

back with me! today’s post is about SkinLiFE from Cow Brand which formulated to fight acne!
and today, aku pake bahasa Indonesia ya reviewnya
SkinLiFE Foaming Facial Wash and Face Lotion
SkinLife adalah salah satu produk dari Cow Brand yang berasal dari Jepang, diformulasikan untuk kulit berjerawat yang sekaligus melembabkan, mengencangkan dan mengankat kulit mati.
 Janjinya, SkinLife bisa…
Dapat secara alami mengangkat sel kulit mati
Memperbaiki tekstur kulit, membuat pori-pori kecil dan kulit cerah
Menjaga kelembapan alami kulit
Mengencangkan kulit
Mengurangi minyak dan komedo
hmm…. let’s see! 😀

this is what they sent to me to give a try!
Skinlife foaming facial wash
SkinLife Foaming Facial Wash & SkinLife Face Lotion
SkinLiFE Foaming Facial Wash and Face Lotion review
hampir sama seperti kebanyakan skin care Jepang, simple, lebih banyak informasi daripada gambar. i have no complain with the packaging after all, botolnya kuat dan gak kualitasnya bagus (gak gampang pecah kalo jatoh) dan pump nya berfungsi dengan baik XD
Foaming Facial Wash
SkinLiFE Foaming Facial Wash
foam lembut dengan aroma yang gak begitu menyengat, benar-benar mengankat kotoran dan minyak di muka, pori-poriku kelihatan lebih bersih dan gak bikin muka kaya ditarik-tarik 😀
Face Lotion
SkinLiFE Foaming Face Lotion
mirip sama Hada Labo face lotion XD teksturnya juga mirip, watery dan mudah menyerap di kulit, gak bikin berminyak tapi memlembabkan.
IMO, sebenernya ukurannya memang agak besar dan bukan travel size tapi gak masalah kok kalo di bawa dalem tas, tutupnya aman gak gampang bocor dan gak gampang terbuka. Memang kalau Foaming Facial Wash nya agak risky, they include the stopper in the bottle’s neck (i lost mine already) dan gak gampang copot (i’ll try to put in on my bag when i was traveling), tapi kalau stoppernya gak sengaja copot, foamnnya bisa keluar jadi harus extra hati-hati.
i let you judge by yourself………

ok, this is the video before and after 2 weeks. Ini sengaja gak di rotate soalnya kalo di rotate resolusinya mengecil jadi gak keliatan jelas gambarnya. Anyway, pardon my bare and sleepy face, i record this before i go to bed >.<

before… breakouts everywhere yuckks!

Pastel Makeup – Tutorial and FOTD

Hello girls!
Today i attend a launching event for MAC SHOP and MAC COOK at Seibu, Grand Indonesia. i was having a great time there! <3 ( complete report on progress, will posted next after this )
In the mean time, i will post a simple tutorial for my eye makeup today!

Pastel Makeup - Tutorial and FOTD

Product used:

Pastel Makeup - Tutorial and FOTD-product used

PAC liquid foundation
PAC contour blush
Sariayu loose powder
Sariayu dendang rebana quad
Loreal open eyes pro
Kate mascara
Sariayu kilau martapura liquid lip color
NYX summer love lipstick
japanese brand falsie
bobbi brown brushes
After you’re done with LIQUID FOUNDATION and LOOSE POWDER, we’re next move on to the eye make up.
Pastel Makeup - Tutorial and FOTD-eyeshadow Pastel Makeup - Tutorial and FOTD-eyeshadow-application
step 1 : BLACK LINE = green (sariayu quad) apply also below your lower lash line (not shown)
step 2 : RED LINE = light purple (sariayu quad)
step 3 : YELLOW LINE = dark grey (sariayu quad) – will result to a dark purple color
step 4 : GREEN LINE = white (loreal open eyes quad)
IMPORTANT : blend all the color nicely until there’s no harsh edges.
next, apply the falsies – feel the brow gaps – contour nose and cheek bone – apply lipstick and lipgloss
Pastel Makeup - Tutorial and FOTD-final look
Pastel Makeup - Tutorial and FOTD-final look2
Pastel Makeup - Tutorial and FOTD-final look3
see you on the next post : MAC SHOP AND MAC COOK LAUNCHING EVENT
Bella ♥

Etude House Water Color Blusher in Pink 01 Review

As what it called, it’s really really like a water color! the packaging and also the texture of the product itself, very interesting!
first impression:
– creative product idea
– nice packaging
– travel friendly
Etude House Water Color Blusher
Etude House Water Color Blusher-swatched
texture : like a liquid foundation if i can say..
easy to blend in and the color shows up nicely
Applied on my cheek:
Etude House Water Color Blusher-on my face
final opinion:
i love this product, it’s easy to carry and cute :3
the texture is nice and instantly applied on my cheeks using my finger (preferable) or foundation brush. the color shows up nicely in real yet it doesn’t stays really long.
overall, it’s worth a try!
Etude House Water Color Blusher-on my face-3
Etude House Water Color Blusher-on my face-2

The Best Spring Accessories For 2015

The spring collections inspire fashionistas around the world, and if you are one of those who like to wear what comes from the runways, there is no way that you can miss the action from spring 2015 collections. Accessories this spring has been a mixed bag, and to be very honest, there is something for every single girl in the world. For those who hail the designer stuff, here are some practical accessories from the fashion squares, which you would not mind indulging into.

Say yes to platform sandals

cute platform sandals platform sandals

High on style and great on glamour quotient, platform sandals are easily the best and worthy replacement to the evergreen spring stilettos. You will love owning a pair of your own, and the styles are varied enough. If you don’t want to invest in the designer pairs, never worry as the best stores on the web sell some of the classiest platform shoes online at prices that can fit even the shoestring budgets.

Statement earrings

black and white statement earrings cute statement earrings

The new age dangler earrings are a statement in their own way. There are some great designs, including different designs for both ears, matching unmatched symmetry and much more. Statement earrings are more like those stand alone accessories, so it is likely that you will not need anything else when you choose a pair. Ensure that you do the hair right to balance the look.

Circular and unique handbags

pink purse with fringes round crochet handbag

The handbags for spring 2015 have been like chalk and cheese. You have circular and round designs coming to the forefront on some shows while other shows had amazing variety in the length, starting from the tote to more on the sling like. Make more room for the different styles as the designs get more unique and singular. For a summer look, it doesn’t get any better than having a sling bag, shorts, casual shirt and a pair of sneakers. 

Flat for the flats

flats animal print flats

The flats have been around for some time now, and the designers believe that the trend is surely for the keeps. Ankle straps, ballerina flats and amazing use of pointy toes were some of the clear designs that can be taken from the runways, and the good thing is the fact that you don’t need a fortune to get the right design. Flats work well for the comfort factor, and with motifs designed with variety, abundant choices are for all.

Also, there should be a clear mention of some of the amazing jewellery elements seen on the runways, where stones and semi precious gemstones were used with great experiments. Make sure to experiment further for the spring because 2015 is probably more about breaking the rules, because we hardly talked of floral for the most cliché season of the year.

[Images Credit:]

Author: Suzy Walsh is a fashion expert and a blogger who loves to work for passion for style and fashion. She is

an author for many blogs and is the chief editor for The House Of Elegance Fashion.

10 Easy and Basic Steps for Anti-Aging

I started to care about aging skin matters after I turned 25. When I look at myself closely in the mirror,I noticed my skin has changed. No longer firm and puffy as when I was in younger age. Under eyes area and the cheeks look flatter and eyes area does not look firm anymore. Of course we can never stop aging naturally. But there are ways to prevent not to get aging skin before it should.Anti Aging Skin Care tips

Here is 10 Easy and basic tips for  Anti-Aging :

1. Use SUNSCREEN whenever you go outside in day time. Sunlight after 9-10AM can cause aging your skin seriously.

2. EXFOLIATE your skin regularly to remove dead cells and let your skin renew new cells. Three or four days a time or a week a time as you prefer.

3. MOISTURIZE your skin regularly as daily basic.

4. STOP smoking if you smoke.

5. Drink enough WATER to hydrate your skin.

6. Do regular facial CLEANSING steps and skin care routines; cleansing , toning, moisturizing.

7. Use SUNGLASSES in the sun, which keeps you from crows feet.

8. Don’t do face expressions such as frowning, smiling a lot and so on. I know smiling is good but it gives you face lines a lot when you get older.

9. Don’t use too much pressure in your fingertips, or whatever you apply on your face with applicators.

10. Last and important thing , SLEEP and rest enough everyday. This is the only natural way to keep your look fresh and glow

Elf Eyelid Primer Review

Hey girls,
So today I decided to review the ELF $1 Eyelid Primer.
This review is long overdue. I bought this way back in February or March, but I hadn’t really tried it much since.
So I decided, it was about time that, I tried it out a bit so I could review it, so for the last 2 or 3 weeks, I’ve been using it very frequently.
Elf Eyelid Primer Review


My 5 Favorite/Most Used Lip Glosses

Hi chicks,
So I’ve been trying to find other things to blog about recently besides the blog challenge and hauls (which I will admit to mini hauling way too much lol). So today I decided I would show you girls what my favorite lip glosses are. I don’t typically wear lip gloss alone, I usually add it over my lipsticks and stuff, but I have 5 that I always use. That’s why they’re called my favorites lol.
Let’s get started…
Here’s the 5 glosses…
My 5 Favorite Most Used Lip Glosses


My Top 5 Pink Drugstore Lipstick Picks

Hey girls,
So today I decided to show you girls my 5 favorite pink drugstore lipsticks. If you’re a drugstore lipstick lover and you love pink lipstick, then these are 5 essentials from the drugstore. Most, if not all, of these lipsticks are highly raved about. So lets get started…
These are the 5 pink lipsticks…
My Top 5 Pink Drugstore Lipstick Picks


O.P.I. Rumples Wiggin Dupe?

Hey girls,
So last Spring/Summer O.P.I. released The Shrek Collection. From the entire collection, I only picked up one nail polish and it was the very first O.P.I. nail polish I had ever purchased.
The nail polish I picked up was Rumples Wiggin, a beautiful, light, lilac creme shade. Well today, I believe I found a pretty close dupe for those who didn’t get a chance to pick it up.
 The dupe is Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Nails Nail Polish in Lacey Lilac.
Here’s what the two nail polishes look like next to each other in the bottle…
Xtreme Nails Nail Polish


Products I Regret Buying

Hey loves,
So no matter how much you research a product online, sometimes, you manage to pick up things that are completely the opposite of what you needed. Now, I’ll be honest, most of the time, when I buy something and I don’t like it, I return it. I’m not just gonna waste my money and keep something that I have no intentions of ever using again. But there are a few items that I didn’t return and that’s what I’ll be showing you today. 🙂
So here are all the items of regret:

Products I Regret Buying (more…)

My Favorite Hair Care Products/Hair Care Routine

Hey girls,
Earlier tonight, I saw my good friend Huda posted her Favorite Hair Care Products over on her blog, so I decided to copy her lol, and show you girls what I use regularly on my hair.
Now for starters, I don’t have a ton of money to splurge on higher quality salon products, so if you’re a salon products only type of girl, then you probably won’t be interested in this one lol, sorry. As far as my hair type (without products), it’s wavy, somewhat dry, pretty frizzy, it’s neither thick nor fine and I have a pretty decent amount (Not too much, not too little). I’ve found inexpensive products that work great on my hair, and have kept it looking silky, healthy, and less frizzy. So let’s begin…
My Favorite Hair Care Products Hair Care Routine


Sigma F80 Brush Review

Hello my lovely ladies,
Ahh, okay, so since it’s Thursday night and I don’t have to study or do homework right now because I don’t have school tomorrow, I decided to sneak in some blogging time. Yay!!! lol.
So today, I have for you all my Sigma F80 review!!! As some of you may or may not know I won the Sigma F80 on Huda’s Beauty Blog a few weeks back and I was thrilled, because I had been seriously dying to try it out. I’ve been trying it out for about 2 weeks, and I seriously adore it!!! It’s the best brush I’ve ever owned…I obviously didn’t purchase this, but man, if I would’ve known how amazing it works, I probably would’ve dished out the  $16 bucks for it a long time ago. Ahh, I just can’t explain in words how amazing it truly really is. I don’t know how I lived my makeup life without it. *sigh*
Sigma F80 Brush Review


Recent Nail Polish Purchases

Hello my loves,

As you’ve probably noticed I’m attempting to get back into blogging, and today I finally decided to share some recent nail polish purchases. Like many girls, I think I have an issue buying nail polish. How many girls can admit that they have obsessive amounts of nail polishes, some inclusively that look pretty damn similar to other polishes in your collection? I know I’m most definitely guilty of this. So Ulta had a sale about a month ago and some of their polishes were BOGO and I went a little nuts buying nail polish. Here’s what I picked up.
1. Orly Gilded Coral
a pale shimmery golden peach
(opaque in two coats)
Orly Gilded Coral