Pastel Makeup – Tutorial and FOTD

Hello girls!
Today i attend a launching event for MAC SHOP and MAC COOK at Seibu, Grand Indonesia. i was having a great time there! <3 ( complete report on progress, will posted next after this )
In the mean time, i will post a simple tutorial for my eye makeup today!

Pastel Makeup - Tutorial and FOTD

Product used:

Pastel Makeup - Tutorial and FOTD-product used

PAC liquid foundation
PAC contour blush
Sariayu loose powder
Sariayu dendang rebana quad
Loreal open eyes pro
Kate mascara
Sariayu kilau martapura liquid lip color
NYX summer love lipstick
japanese brand falsie
bobbi brown brushes
After you’re done with LIQUID FOUNDATION and LOOSE POWDER, we’re next move on to the eye make up.
Pastel Makeup - Tutorial and FOTD-eyeshadow Pastel Makeup - Tutorial and FOTD-eyeshadow-application
step 1 : BLACK LINE = green (sariayu quad) apply also below your lower lash line (not shown)
step 2 : RED LINE = light purple (sariayu quad)
step 3 : YELLOW LINE = dark grey (sariayu quad) – will result to a dark purple color
step 4 : GREEN LINE = white (loreal open eyes quad)
IMPORTANT : blend all the color nicely until there’s no harsh edges.
next, apply the falsies – feel the brow gaps – contour nose and cheek bone – apply lipstick and lipgloss
Pastel Makeup - Tutorial and FOTD-final look
Pastel Makeup - Tutorial and FOTD-final look2
Pastel Makeup - Tutorial and FOTD-final look3
see you on the next post : MAC SHOP AND MAC COOK LAUNCHING EVENT
Bella ♥

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