Pond’s Magic Powder Oil & Blemish Control Sweetie Pink Review

Pond’s Magic Powder in Sweetie Pink
Pond's Magic Powder Oil & Blemish Control Sweetie Pink
After 6 years of living in Bangkok, after years of seeing most of the Thai girls use this kind of product, after years of never seeing oily face of Thai girls in my university, I think, I finally find the reason why.

I always see Thai teen girls or young girls always carry this kind of product, looks like a little bottle of talcum body powder. Actually, that is a magic powder which they apply on face. I see they simply pour some powder on one palm, then rub two hands together and pat the left over powder all over the face. They actually have several brands and different kinds of packaging color and design. The one I am going to review is from POND’S, they also have other brands such as Johnson & Johnson, 12 Plus and so on.

As I learned , this is one of the famous beauty product from Thailand. They produce 3 colors, sweetie pink, blue and white. Sweetie Pink is the pink powder bottle , but others are white powder bottles. It says ” Double UV Protection ” . For me, this is like an oil mattifier powder. I also use as a finishing powder after I applied my makeup. I sometimes use only moisturizer and this powder for my grocery shopping. I got home, I still look fine and not oily at all. ( Note- I have oily/acne prone skin )

I decided to try this after I saw other Asian girls talked online about how much that powder is wonderful and absorbs the facial oil. They are right. I tried this and it really works. This is my oil mattifier powder/finishing powder in my dressing table.

Packaging can be annoying for some people. For me, it is fine. I pour some on my palm, then apply all over my face with my fluffy powder brush. When you pour it, the powder color is pink, don’t be scared, it does not show pink color on your face at all. If you are not ok with its packaging, you can exchange the powder to normal loose powder container. But this little powder bottle makes you to carry in and out so easy though. This powder also has fragrance which some of you would not like it. It is a mild sweet floral scent. I don’t normally like fragrance in cosmetics but I like this powder smell.

I love this. I am thinking to buy some from here and sell in my country next time. The actual price for this product is less than a dollar. You can buy any convenient store or supermarket in Thailand.

Ingredients – Talc, Cyclopentasiloxane, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Fragrance, Aluminum Hydroxide, Aluminum Stearate, Cl 45410-2
Pond's Magic Powder Oil & Blemish Control Sweetie Pink Review Pond's Magic Powder before application Pond's Magic Powder Application Pond's Magic Powder after application


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