Pressed Barry M Pigments

Ok, so I had a bit of a quiet night last night and decided to press the rest of my pigments. I don’t have many, but I thought that I might reach for them a bit more if they were in a pan rather than having loose eye shadow all over the place! I always would have used a brush with Fix + sprayed on it, but hopefully now I wont have to.

To press my Barry M pigments I used Lipglossiping’s pressing method, It works amazingly well! All of my pressed dazzle dusts look so pigmented and pretty! But I will let pictures do the talking 😉

These took forever to dry, hence why they don’t look exactly like a pressed pigment should really look like. I wanted to go to bed at some stage! But I pressed them the best I could 🙂
Pressed Barry M Pigments

In order of picture:
24 Old Gold        78 Kingfisher
80 Blue Grey       72 Emerald
69 Saphire
94 Teal

And a swatch of each:

Pressed Barry M Pigment swatch

Pressed Barry M Pigment emrald swatch
They look gorgeous right!? I love them so much! I have ordered 3 more off ebay, so hopefully they will come soon and I will get to show you a few more!

I also tried to press my MAC pigment, Heritage Rouge… It didnt turn out the greatest…

Heritage Rouge MAC Heritage Rouge

Its ok, but just doesn’t feel as nice on the skin like the Barry M pressing method. I will use less of the mixing medium I think next time I do this.

How many of you do this? Do you find it works well for you?

p.s. The palette was ordered off ebay from Hong Kong, it is a palette of 26 and comes with the pans. Its not magnetised, but I find a bit of sellotape works just as well 😉 for around £5 you cant go wrong!

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