Real Techniques Brushes Review

Hello beauties here is my Real Techniques Brushes Review!

These brushes seem to be everywhere, everyone, who had ever hold makeup brush in their hands, now has them.
I absolutely adore Pixiwoo Chanel, Samatha and Nicola Chapman’s inspire me every single day with their great looks, professionalism and positive, but down- to- earth attitude to life. That’s also one of the reasons why I was so excited to try this brushes. Why it took me so long to get them? They are not presented in Russia (as most of the awesome makeup stuff), so I had to be patient.

Real Techniques Brushes

I wanted to get face brushes, more than others from the range, just because I am quite happy with my MAC 217 and 224 for eye makeup, but when it comes to a face, I think MAC is good, but way too expensive and can feel a bit prickly sometime.
I ended up getting Face Expert, Blush and two Stippling brushes. They are 100% synthetic,  soft enough, but still firm. As far as I see, they are unique in blending both powdery and creamy products equally amazing. Not the main vantage of this cuties, but I feel so much happier working with their bright (instead of plain black) handles), maybe it’s wierd and nobody really cares about colour of brush handles, but any way, I do.)) They look so girly, but still professional.

Stippling brush is like bigger 130 from MAC, which means it can give you flawless finish, but much quicker, than MAC one.

Expert Face brush to me it’s like upgraded version of flat foundation brushes like MAC 190. It’s fluffy on the end, which makes it perfect foundation brush (no stripy finish), also suitable for cream blush application and contouring.

Blush brush perfect dupe for MAC 138, which now is so ridiculously pricey. Real Techniques one even bigger in size, applies blushes and bronzers much softer and blend them better.
I have to say I was more then impressed with this brushes, there quality exceeds the price in numerous times.


Thank you for reading, have a great day ladies!


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