Ruffian Inspired Manicure

Hello again lovely ladies,

Today, I decided to share with you girls my nail look of the day. I was inspired to do this nail design after I saw MissJenFabulous do it on her Youtube channel. I swear, I just love her nail designs; she’s amazing. From what she said, this nail look has been referred to as the Ruffian Manicure because it was first seen a few years ago on the Ruffian Runway. You can really use any color combo that you’d like, but since it’s summer, I thought this pretty coral color and this metallic bronze shade looked awesome together. The design is actually really simple to do and looks really nice. Hope you girls like. 🙂
Ruffian Inspired  Manicure

What I used:
Ruffian Inspired  Manicure kit
Step 1: Apply Orly Rage (a finely-milled, opaque, bronze gold glitter) all over the nail.
Step 2: Once the first nail polish is completely dry, apply Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail polish in Coral Reef on top of Orly Rage, only leaving a little strip of Orly Rage to peek through at the base of the nail.
Step 3: Once the nail polish is completely or almost dry, apply your favorite Top Coat over top. I used Out The Door Quick Drying Top Coat.

Ruffian Inspired  Manicure look

Hope you beautiful ladies liked this manicure. It was so simple to do, and by no means does it have to be perfect, if you can apply nail polish to your nail, you can definitely do this nail look. I really liked the way it turned out. Have you tried this nail look before? If so, what color combo did you use, I’d love to know. Thanks for reading.

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