Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto Bliss Perfume Review

So, this is the 30ml Incanto Bliss perfume from Salvatore Ferragamo. I got this as a birthday present from my lovely friend. I really like this perfume, because it is not only floral scent, it is also fruity scent in same time. But not in very strong way.
Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto Bliss Perfume ReviewSalvatore Ferragamo Incanto Bliss Perfume
I used to like very fruity perfumes when I was between 18-23. But now, I am 26 and my likeness on perfumes started to change to milder and cleaner fresh scents. This perfume can be between that, not so mild, but fresh floral and fruity smell.

I think it may contains grapefruit, sandalwood, apple, water lilly, rose, musk, ceder wood, yuzu, freesia, kumquat. So, the smell is really appealing and feminine. Also very delightful.

And look at the packaging, so cute. All the incanto bottles are so cute with soft and pastel colors combination. I will love to try other incanto perfumes as well. I have seen them in department stores in Thailand. So, will be trying some more in the future.

Have you used any Incanto perfume? What do you like yours? =)

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