Samy Fat Hair “O” Calories Amplifying Hair Spray and Thickening Creme Review

You all know by now that I have an obsession with getting myself massive voluptuous hair, and on my quest I came across these amazing beauties!
Samy Fat Hair O Calories Amplifying Hair Spray and Thickening Creme Review

Samy Fat Hair “O” Calories Amplifying Hair Spray
This is SUCH an amazing product, I picked this up in Superdrug while looking for a new hairspray, my last one just wasnt cutting it and I needed something that was going to give me volume. This is amazing, it states on the can:
Amplifying mist is a versatile design tool that adds extra volume, fullness and shine to any style. This unique formula keeps your style all day and brushes through for easy restyling. Leaves hair soft and touchable. Our exclusive FH4 Thickening complex adds strength, body and texture without residue, buildup, stickiness or flaking.
This does exactly as it states on the can, I cant believe I have found this. I have extremely fine, thin hair which just sits so flat to my head and gets greasy quickly, it has to be the worst hair ever!
When I have dried and straightened my hair, I lift up a few random layers and spray in short bursts and my hair just sits there in mid hair, pretty funny :p then I just lightly brush the top and POOF!, I have amazing looking effing fat hair! During the day just to get som volume back I simply just spread my fingers and go up underneath my hair, and its back to the way it was! This lasts all day and night, and I have no problem with my hair feeling sticky.
Samy Fat Hair “O” Calories Thickening Creme
Again, another great find in Superdrug, I bought this along with the hair spray and I am so glad I did, This stuff is truly fantastic!
What it says on the tube:
This ultra lightweight thickening creme amplifies each hair strand providing fullness, volume and body, while adding texture and shine to your style. Samys exclusive FH4 Thickening Complex- a blend of natural extracts and proteins – penetrates each hair strand, increasing the strand’s diameter abd expanding the hair from the inside out. The result- thicker, fuller, stronger hair that holds your style all day long.
I dont know what this FH4 complex is, but it works!! I only had to use a pea sized amount for my hair, so this stuff is going to last for ages! I let my hair air dry one day, which I NEVER do because of my ridiculously thin hair, and it gave me amazing volume, it gave a great bounce to my hair without it getting greasy. The next day I blow dried my hair, and BOOM, super volume! This teamed with the hair spray is an amazing combination. Also it smells a bit like tequila sunrise 🙂
If any of you suffer from flat, fine hair, or just want extra oomph I definitely recommend you try these!
I am also trying out other new hair products which I will review soon 🙂 Hope you all had a great weekend!! I am starting my new job today, eek! wish me luck! xx

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