Scentio Nail Calcium Strengthener Treatment Review

[ I also bought these Anna & Florio nail polishes ๐Ÿ™‚ 3 nail polish for 100 baht, about 3$+, but if you buy 1, it’s about 2$, 2 for about 2.5$ (aprox:) ]

My nails have been soft and breakable forever since I was young. I have used so many nail strengthener…never really got strong..except when I was pregnant and took extra calcium tablets, it did not break that much, but still I did broke sometimes. I also hand wash my clothes, do house-chores a lot, so when I touch water a lot like washing dishes and clothes, my nails are easier to break in that time.

Scentio Nail Calcium Strengthener Treatment ReviewScentio Nail Calcium Strengthener Treatment Nail Calcium Strengthener Treatment by Scentio Scentio Nail Strengthener Anna & Florio Glorious Nail Enamel
So, after my nail strengthener from Sally Hansen was finished, it was time to look for a new one as they don’t sell Sally Hansen products in here, Thailand. There is a shop called, Beauty Buffet at the mall around my house, which is a cosmetics shop by local cosmetics manufacturing company. They have so many Beauty Buffet shop in most of the shopping malls in Bangkok. Those are cute looking cosmetics shop. You can check their shop style and website here. I hardly shop in those shops normally. But my sister loves nail polishes from that shop, so I happened to go there often when my sister orders nail polishes from my country. She kind of hoards nail polishes. I am not really into nail polish, I only wear sometimes when I am bored and when I’m in the mood for nail polish. I normally love looking at my clear nails more.

Last time, I passed by the shop and I saw their new nail treatment products as nail strengthener, nail conditioner, nail moisturizer and stuffs. I stopped by and checked, then I picked nail strengthener and some nail polishes to try out. I have been using this, Scentio calcium nail strengthener for 2 months now. It seems ok to me, but nothing really surprising. I use it as my base coat when I use nail polish as well. On the package, it says I need to use 2 coats, but I don’t like to use it for 2 coats as it has yellowish color and when you wear 2 coats, your nails are kind of yellowish and the layers become thicker. The bubbles appear sometimes if your layers are thick on nails. My nails don’t break much when it is on my nails but if product is not on, it does break. I still not sure the way nail strengthener works. So, if you want your nails get strong, you have to wear nail strengthener all the times? Or by using nail strengthener, it will encourage your nails to be harder and not breakable? Even I won’t use those anymore, will my nails get those effects and not breakable much as before? Please educate me about nail strengthener ๐Ÿ˜€

Overall, this is an ok level product for me. Not really exciting. It costs about 5-6 $ (about 150-160 baht). I find their nail polishes are better and cheaper than nail treatment products. I may try another nail treatment product from them soon.

Do you have favorite nail strengthener? ๐Ÿ™‚

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