Sephora Smokey Eyes Kit in Brown Review

So today i’m gonna do a quick review of the Sephora Smoky Eyes Kit: Brown. I receive this as a gift. I personally don’t really like Sephora eyeshadows (The sephora collection, not the brands inside of Sephora). I was skeptical when i first saw this, but the packaging looks promising, but you know what they say, dont judge a book by its cover.

Sephora Smoky Eyes Kit in Brown

Sephora Smoky Eyes Kit in Brown-steps

Sephora Smoky Eyes Kit in Brown review

Smoky Eyes Kit in Brown by sepora

It comes with 4 eyeshadows, a mirror (which i cover with a little post it ),a teeny tiny brush, a brown eyeliner, and a black mascara, it also comes with the step by step tutorial. I believe this product has been discontinued and replaced by the Sephora Pro Lesson Palette, but correct me if i’m wrong.

* The Eyeshadow
1. Beige : A light matte ivory
2. Contour : A medium matt brown
3. Lid : A lighter brown color with a little hint of gold shimer to it
4. Light : A bright shimmery yellow-gold color

Sephora Smoky Eyes Kit in Brown-color-swatches

First off, the pigmentation is actually pretty good except for the beige one. Number 2 is a little bit chalky, but it has a great color payoff, the 3&4 are both good but not that amazing.

Grade : B

Sephora Smoky Eyes Kit in Brown Review2

Sephora Smoky Eyes Kit in Brown Review3

The brush is a real dud and the fact that it is so tiny makes it even worse. (Grade: D)
The eyeliner is a actually pretty good, it glides on nice, unlike some other sephora eyeliner. It’s a kohl, so you can basically use it as a base for your smokey eyes. (Grade: B+)
The mascara is really fine. Judging from the brush, i thought it’s gonna be a volumizing mascara. It does not work really good at volumizing or separating my lashes, but it does lengthen them really really well. It’s a wet mascara, which is my favorite kind. Too bad it’s not black enough. (Grade: A-)


(+) :
* Great packaging
* Travel-friendly
* You can create either smoky or neutral look

(-) :
* One of the eyeshadow is not very pigmented (Beige)
* The brush is a big no no

You can get it from (obviously) Sephora.
Price: I honestly don’t know, but from what i heard its around $20 – $38

That’s all for today! Oh and I’m planning to do a makeup storage tips since last year, it should be up either february or march, i still need to get some things done. I’ll make it easier to find by putting 3 options of where you can find all of the containers that i use (i’ll mention where you can get it from Indonesia, USA, and international) so stay tune for that! Thank you for reading and a wonderful day.


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