Shiseido Naturgo Black Mask Review

I’ve read quite a lot of review that said this mask works like wonder. I tried to search for it online, some sell it for a pretty high price, some sellers that sell it in a pretty low price are unknown sellers that I don’t know whether to trust it or not. So when I walk along the Citraland Semarang (a place in Indonesia, alright) and saw this, I decided to buy two for my trials!

Shiseido Naturgo Black Mask

Shiseido Naturgo Black Mask Review

Shiseido Naturgo Black Mask-back packaging

Shiseido Naturgo Black Mask
10.000IDR – 12gr
Comes in an orange sachet. Somehow looks like a sample sachet instead of a full size products. Hahahaha. Any details on this products are written on japanese, so I tried googling for information. Naturgo black mask are made from deep sea mud that are rich in minerals. It claims to be able to regulates sebum production and prevent breakouts. I guess that makes it perfect for oily and acne prone skin.
Shiseido Naturgo Black Mask Review-the mask
The Mask
Naturgo black mask is a peel-off mask, the texture is slightly stick. It’s not as sticky as that lemony mask from garnier though. And, amazingly, easier to clean up from your fingers too.
– It is recommended to exfoliate your skin first, to remove dead skin cells. It is meant to make it easier for the mask to reach for the black/white heads.
– Apply it on your face
– Wait for about 30 minutes
– Peel it off from your chin up
– Wash your face using cold water to close up the opened pores
– Don’t forget to use lotion or moisturizers afterwards! 😉
On my face right after application
Shiseido Naturgo Black Mask Review-after application
Kind of uneven. It’s hard to see well without my glasses, I guess that explain some missed spots.
On my face after 30 minutes
Shiseido Naturgo Black Mask Review-after application2
I apply it a little too thick at some parts, so I have to wait longer for it to dry.
It really works like wonder! 😀 A little hard on the application since it’s a little sticky. And maybe because it’s black, it seems so messy! Hahahahaha. There’s going to be a little tingling sensation when the mask started to dry. It shrunk at some places (apparently, places where I apply it thin) and started to show some skin under it. It’s pretty painful when I peeled it off. Imagine having nose pack all over your face. Hahahaha! The great thing is, my face is totally smooth after that. And it removes a lot of black and white heads! Totally effective lah … My suggestion, apply it thick! It doesn’t works that well at some places where I apply it thin. The thicker it is, the more you have to wait for it to dry, but it’s totally worthed!

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