Sigma F80 Brush Review

Hello my lovely ladies,
Ahh, okay, so since it’s Thursday night and I don’t have to study or do homework right now because I don’t have school tomorrow, I decided to sneak in some blogging time. Yay!!! lol.
So today, I have for you all my Sigma F80 review!!! As some of you may or may not know I won the Sigma F80 on Huda’s Beauty Blog a few weeks back and I was thrilled, because I had been seriously dying to try it out. I’ve been trying it out for about 2 weeks, and I seriously adore it!!! It’s the best brush I’ve ever owned…I obviously didn’t purchase this, but man, if I would’ve known how amazing it works, I probably would’ve dished out the  $16 bucks for it a long time ago. Ahh, I just can’t explain in words how amazing it truly really is. I don’t know how I lived my makeup life without it. *sigh*
Sigma F80 Brush Review

Price & Where to Purchase: This brush is available exclusively on for $16.00 which is not bad at all for the amazing and I mean amazing quality you’ll get.
Packaging: This brush has some definite quality when it comes to packaging and how they built the brush. The handle is super sturdy, at least it seems that way.
And the classic, sleek, black handle looks incredibly professional.
The bristles are perfectly densely packed for flawless application.
Sigma F80 BrushThe writing on the brush is one of my favorite things about it too, it has like this color changing silver writing depending on how the light hits it. You can see it in the picture below.
Sigma F80 BrushesThe way it is packaged to be sent to you is amazing as well, it comes in a little red pouch with a pamphlet inside that tells you about the brush and other brushes in the same line.
Sigma F80 Brush in Red pouch It also comes with a bristle shaper as I like to call it lol, and the handle comes wrapped
as well with a plastic wrapper.
WrappedSigma F80 Brush
How it worked: 
Well if you couldn’t tell already by the way I’ve raved about it up to this point, then I’ll repeat myself again, it works absolutely amazing!!! I’ve used it with cream (Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse), powder (PF Healthy Wear Powder Foundation) and liquid foundation (Maybelline Superstay) and it has applied all three flawlessly, which is one of the things it claims and one of the things that I simply cant get over. How can one brush, seriously apply three completely different products so perfectly??? I have no idea, but it does.
It applies my foundation so flawlessly, that my large pores even look a bit smaller afterwards. My skin’s texture is completely different as well when I use this brush versus other ones, and it doesnt streak at all from what I’ve seen. Not to mention, it helps blend my foundation into my skin so well, that I don’t have to sit there going over and over in circles trying to blend out the streaks and stuff. I seriously, take half the time applying foundation when I use this baby.
Here are the three brushes that I’ve used to apply foundation:
Sonia Kashuk Flat Top Brush (Travel Size)Left to Right:
Sonia Kashuk Flat Top Brush (Travel Size)
Sigma F80
Studio Tools Travel Stippling Brush
Before I had any of the Flat Top brushes I applied foundation with the Studio Tools Stippling Brush, which let me tell you, is about the worst thing you could do. It seriously took forever to blend, it was way too streaky and it shed like crazy. I no longer really use this brush unless it is to apply creme blush sometimes.
Here’s how it looked when I applied my liquid foundation with the Studio Tools Brush
foundation with the Studio Tools Brush
You honestly cant really tell from the picture, but it’s super streaky and I have little hairs from the brush that shed all over the area where I used this brush. Stippling Brush is a NO NO for me.
Most recently, I had only been using the Sonia Kashuk Flat Top, but being that its so small, it’s just not ideal for full face makeup. It’s nice to use to get into small crevices of the face like around the nose and around the eyes, but it just made my foundation a bit streaky because of what I believe was the size. I won’t bash it, because for a long time I loved it and it was my go to brush. And I will continue to use it for other things, but I wouldnt recommend it for applying foundation because it will leave it just a little bit streaky.
Here’s how it looked when I applied with the Sonia Kashuk Brush…
foundation with Sonia Kashuk Brush
I’m not really sure if you can tell but this brush really applies foundation really thick and cakey. I hadn’t really noticed this
until I was comparing how the three brushes applied my foundation. It’s a little streaky too, but more thick than anything.
Not using this brush for foundation again.
Finally, here’s the Sigma F80 application. After comparing all three on my arm, I realized how truly spectacular this brush is. The foundation applied flawlessly and so quickly. No struggling to get it perfect, not to mention, that it didn’t look thick or caked on. It looked very natural, but flawless.
Sigma F80 application
I wanted to also include another picture of how the Sigma F80 and the Sonia Kashuk Flat Top applications compared side by side.
Sigma F80 and the Sonia Kashuk Flat Top
Sonia Kashuk on left  Sigma on right
Can you girls see how the one on the right looks less cakey and thick. I applied about the same amount of foundation to both brushes. The Sigma one looks blended out but flawlessly natural, while the Sonia Kashuk looks somewhat flawless, but thick, like I applied way too much, which trust me, I didn’t.
I give this brush a 5 out of 5. I have 0 complaints up to this point. It looks great, works great, and it has stole my heart lol.

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