Skin79 Hot Pink BB Cream Review

As you all know, BB cream is very popular nowadays. If you dont know what bb cream is, it is a foundation mixed with skin care. The coverage is lighter than a foundation, but better than a tinted moisturizer. Bb creams are made for Asian women, but most of US brands are now come out with bb creams as well such as Smashbox, Clinique, Dior, Garnier, or Maybelline.

Skin79 Hot Pink BB Cream


I’ve been wanting to try the Smashbox one, i’ve read tons of reviews and people loves it. But, then again, i thought to myself, ‘bb creams made for asian, why not try an asian brand?’. I’ve been searching for the best, some people say Skin79, some says Etude House, the other ones say Face Shop or Missha. So i went with Skin79, the hot pink one which is for under 30 and oily skin, the gold one is for 40+ and dry skin. At least that’s what i read.

I bought the small one which is the 15gr. Oh and quick tip: there’s tons of fake Skin79 out there, so make sure you buy it from a trusted seller. I bought mine from For US citizen, you can get it from

First Impression
It’s very thick, thicker than the usual bb creams, almost like a foundation. It gives a very very nice coverage and it’s not sticky nor oily. But, it has a greyish tone to it, which some bb cream does. They only came out with one shade, and the shade doesn’t match me (i’m an NC25-30). When i apply it on my face, i look ‘flat’, maybe some people like that look, but i dont. I have to apply concealer all over my face and then set it with a foundation powder to even out my skin tone. My maybelline bb cream did not do any of those. But it does last quite long, and feels great on my skin. I’ll try to use it a couple more times and make use out of it just to be sure, because i really do want to like this bb cream.

Pros (+):
– Long lasting
– Medium to full coverage
– Thick
– Blendable
– The packaging is really cute

Cons (-):
– Lack of color range
– The grey tone that i’m not loving
– Sometimes the pump is not working (maybe just mine)

15gr IDR 120.000 & 40gr IDR 165.000

40gr $28.00

Will i repurchase the product?
I’m sorry to say, that i will not repurchase it. But my opinion might change.


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