Small MAC Haul

I know a lot of bloggers are getting rather pee’d off at seeing haul posts… but I don’t care, I have included swatches though which might help anyone trying to decide on things to get!

To The Beach Collection
I only ordered a lipstick and a blush from this collection, nothing else really caught my eye I am getting a bit… blegh with MAC at the moment… I think after this haul, I will wait a long time before getting anything else.
Small MAC Haul

Lazy Day Lipstick and Hipness Blush
Mac Lazy day Lipstick Swatches
Pret a Papier Collection
MAC HaulDressmaker, Dressmaker Lipstick and Instant Chic Blush
MAC Dress maker Lipstick swatch
The Instant Chic is very sheer, well…. It is a sheertone, but it a lovely pink, but not something I would immediately grab for, pink swoon is a little better in my eyes.
I also really need a primer for work… yes… I have started back to work already, Amber is only 5 months. I feel so bad leaving her… I am actually jealous of our child minder can you believe it?
MAC Eye Cream
Face Protect SPF 50 and Fast Response Eye Cream. I have heard great things about both of these products, especially the eye cream! Heres hoping it reduces dark circles like it claims… a review to come though 😉
What did you pick up from the new collections? Or did you find them a bit blegh? OH! I also bought Boho Chic cream blush from NYX on Ebay… another item checked off my list!

Boho Chic cream blush from NYX Boho Chic cream blush from NYX Swatches

As soon as I swatched this it immediately reminded me of the NARS Multiple in Orgasm, so I swatched both of them together.

NARS Orgasm Swatches

No such luck finding a dupe… Boho chic is a lot creamier and easier to blend. They have the same kind of glitter effect to them, but Orgasm is sheerer and has golden undertones, well you can see from the picture… 🙂

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