Small Skin Care/ Solutions Haul

So I have been moaning for a long time about how bad my skin has been after pregnancy, for some reason it it only affecting my chin area and I have a lot of scars there now as they were all pretty much cystic. I decided I should invest in some products to even out my skin tone, clear up my spots and conceal them while healing.

Firstly, after looking at a few hauls from IMATS, I saw the Fero Professional Cream Concealer in Green on Charlys blog and instantly wanted it, they are so cheap as well, great for me on a so called spending ban…
Small Skin Care

Above is the green concealer, second is the Fero Light Reflective Concealer and third is the Lancome Flash Retouche.

I have loved the Lancome Flash Retouche for years now. It lasts so long and as it is anti fatigue it really brightens up my eyes when I have had a long night. I just had to repurchase it! The Fero Light Reflective Concealer seems to be exactly the same, consistency and colour wise and for a fraction of the price! I bought this from their website for £2.20 and the Lancome was £25!! What would I rather buy in future… the Fero I think!!

Next is some great finds,

I dont know why I never thought of getting these sooner…

The Clinique products to the left of the picture are:
Skin Care Solutions Haul
Anti Blemish Solutions Clear Blemish Gel –
I first tried this at Tommys house when I had a second head growing out of my chin and it dried it up over night, I was amazed! I have been wanting to buy my own for quite a while, because it works under makeup without peeling off again.

Anti Blemish Solutions Concealer –
I have not found many products that conceal and also heal blemishes. I had to get this! I swatched it on my hand, and it is completely opaque, very little goes such a long way with this, I look like I have no veins on the back of my hand at the minute. Where has this been all my life?! Definite reviews to come!

All About Eyes –
I chose this as a free sample, as I am still searching for a great eye cream. I have used this once before and hated it. It was always seeping into my eyes and made them blurry. I thought I might give it another try though, maybe I was applying it incorrectly.

Skin Supplies for Men Age Defence for Eyes –
I chose this for Tommy, its just another sample, but he has been using a Nivea eye cream for a while. Hes not getting any younger really :p But he can try it out and tell me what he thinks of it.

To the right of the picture is the Origins products I bought,

Brighter By Nature Skin tone correcting serum –
I received a sample of this when I bought the Multigrain Makeup from Origins, I had never used a serum so I thought I would give it a try. I tried it, and absolutely loved it! Even after I removed all of my makeup, exfoliated and cleansed my skin looked glowing and healthy and not red when it normally would have been. I had to buy the full size, and I even got another sample size which I will use if I am travelling.

Checks and Balances Cleanser –
This came free with any purchase of the Origins favourites. It smells great and it may be perfect for my combination skin. I will try it after I use all of my Fresh Farmacy… might be a while!

And I also got a sample of the A Perfect World Antioxidant moisturiser with White Tea from Origins, I havnt tried this as yet, but it states on the website that It is good for combination skin 🙂

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think of them?

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