Some Haulin’

Ok, so all of this was not bought together and most of it was bought online. I thought they were never going to get here because of the volcano… So on we go to my lurverly buys!

First of I did a bit of shopping on Love Makeup If you ever want NYX goodies its a great place to go!
Some Haulin'

Top: Sigma SS188 Brush , I have been wanting a MAC 188 for my cream blushes, so this is a great alternative but unfortunately for me, it sheds, so I might have to wash it a few times.
Middle: NYX Blush, Peach
NYX Eye shadows, Barely There (Frost) and Skin Tight (Shimmer)
Bottom: Golden (Metallic) and Copper (Metallic)

NB – The Blush and eyeshadows are super crumbly, but I don’t get any fall out with them as long as I shake or tap my brush before application 🙂

And for your convenience, swatches of all!!

NYX Blush NYX Eyeshadow Swatches
I am definitely going to be buying more of these eyeshadows, excellent pigmentation and the price is great! 🙂 I will steer clear of Glitters and shimmers though, I dont really like glitter, even if it is only a little!
Might get a few of the palettes next, have any of you ever tried them?
Next a few pieces from MAC 🙂
 MAC Products
Peaches Blush, Virgin Isle Cream Colour Base and Sweetie Lipstick!
MAC Product Swatches
The above swatches are all heavy applications, just look at Virgin Isle!! It looks stunning under every blush that I have used!
I am in two minds whether to depot the blush, I had to get it from a MAC store because they didnt have the refill in stock online and I am wayyyy to impatient to wait!
Lastly some Ebay purchases 🙂
Benefit High beam and Moon beam, these are just sample sizes, because I knew I would never go through a whole bottle of each!
Benefit High beam and Moon beam
and a swatch of each…
Benefit High beam and Moon beam Swatches

I’m not sure yet about these two, glad I didn’t really go for both in full sized bottles! Moon beam is a lot more pink/goldy in colour and High beam is more… I don’t know… Pearl with a pink tint to it? I’m crap at describing colour sorry! But Moon Beam would be great for a ‘bronzed goddess’ kind of look 🙂

I saw this when I was searching for more NYX Rouge Cream Blushes and just HAD to have it!!

Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush
Maybelline dream mousse

I didnt even know that this shade existed!! Maybe its a fake… I dont know… But the consistency is exactly the same as my other two that I own. I now have this shade in Coral, Satin Peach and Dolly Pink and they are all gorgeous on! Satin Peach is still my favourite though 🙂


maybelline mousse swatches
Dior 5 Colour Palette in Amber, I saw this on Sarahs Youtube video, her eyes just looked so amazing and I had to have this palette! Normally this palette is £38, but I got it for a mere £27 🙂 Yay!!

Sorry I forgot to take swatches of this, but as you can see ive already used this palette. It looks amazing on!!

I still have some purchases from ASOS, they are taking forever to come!! I bought the Korres Mango Butter Lipsticks in Natural Pink and Peach. I will get some swatches for you when they come 🙂

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