Syoss Hair Color Medium Ash Blonde No.7.1 Review

heyho ladies!
last week i was re-dyed my hair, i’m aiming to lightened my hair color and try ash color because my previous hair color is a bit too orange for me and i end up choosing medium ash blond.
i chose syoss because it’s a product from Schwarzkopf like my previous hair dye (Freshlight) and i have everything fine with the chemical thing and doesn’t make me allergy.
SYOSS Permanent Coloration in Medium Ash Blond
The last time i dyed my hair is on December 2012 with Freshlight hair dye and the color has faded away and the roots has grow and here’s the result after i re-dye my hair with Syoss!

i use one and a half bottle for my hair.
first, i touch up my roots and wait until 25 minutes then i continue to the rest of my hair.
i wait until almost an hour because i want my hair absorbed the dye completely then i wash my hair with warm water until it runs clear.
SYOSS Permanent Coloration in Medium Ash Blond-before and after
taken under indirect sunlight
i was kinda disappointed, WHERE IS THE ASH?? T.T
the color is somehow the same with my previous hair color but it less orange.
probably the color will appear after two weeks, because last time i use Freshlight hair dye the actual color appear after two weeks and it gets lighter and lighter before it start to fade out in 3 months. >.<
but yeah, it’s not a bad color and i think it still suits me so i was happy about that XD
and here’s the photo taken under the sunlight after i wash my hair once.
SYOSS Permanent Coloration in Medium Ash Blond-after application

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