The Trend: Stiletto Nails (Claw Nails)

Hey Lovelies,

Apologies for being M.I.A for the past week. I haven’t really been up to much (other than working) but I have a week off from work which will give me more time to post up blogs and videos on my new YOUTUBE CHANNEL! (check it out if you haven’t already, and subscribe! :])
black  and leopard stiletto nailsI thought I’d quickly post up a little something for you guys and  also to show off my new claws! YES, I SAID CLAWS!

nude stiletto nails pastel pink stiletto nails The Stiletto Nails trend has been quite a hit with the celebrities as of late and although they may look fierce and a little scary, they aren’t actually that bad. I took the plunge after seeing countless photos of one of my faves, Rihanna, rocking her tallons in different colours, but many A-list celebrities and fashionistas are also sporting the stiletto nails trend.Stiletto-Nails-Lady-Gaga

Lady GagaRihanna stiletto nails

Katy Perry stiletto nails

Katy Perry

cassie red stiletto nails


It’s a little hard for me to work with acrylic and gel nails on, but as I have a little break off work I thought I’d treat myself and get them done. Of course, I didn’t want to delve straight to the deep end and get super long claws, so I only got short ones but I still think they look pretty amazing! I decided on an ombre inspired look from black to a nude-peach colour with gold glitter and diamante accents throughout the middle and then a black and pink glitter design on my thumbs with large silver diamantes around the edge of the pink and gold stiletto nails

 I absolutely love my new claws! 

What are your thoughts on the latest Claw Nail craze? Love or Loathe? Comment below!


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