Top 3 Favorite Clothing Brand

Day 8: Top 3 Favorite Clothing Brand

1. Forever 21
I’m not lying nor exaggerating, but 80% of my clothes are from F21. The clothes are wonders! Not to mention the shoes and jewels! I can’t stress enough on how much i love this brand. I feel like F21 has an amazing quality, yet, a decent price. How can you argue with that? Who doesn’t love cute clothing for an even cuter price? When i first saw this store (years ago), i thought the price would be crazy, until i spent $180 for 10 clothes! TEN, seriously, even my friends was amazed.

forever 21

2. Pull & Bear & Bershka
I just cant choose between these two. I really love the tops from P&B (not peanut butter & jelly). For outer wear and wallets, i truly adore Bershka. The price range is higher than F21, but it’s totally worth it. The stuff are really cute.

Full and bear 2

Pull and Bear


3. Zara
Zara is the place when i’m looking for a tank (for inner top) and more sophisticated clothes. But the product i adore the most from this brand is definitely the bags! The bags are simple, elegant, sophisticated, yet still look age appropriate (at least for me, i’m 19) and cute!



This is the list of the stores/brands i WISH are available in my country (the actual store not online)

  1. Urban Outfitters
  2. T.J Maxx
  3. Brandy Melville
  4. American Eagle




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