Traditional Burmese (Myanmar) Makeup – THANAKHA

Traditional Burmese (Myanmar) Makeup – THANAKHA

This post is sharing about our traditional 100% natural beauty product called Thanakha. I am sure most of you guys have not heard about it or seen it.Thanakha traditional makeup

What is Thanakha ?
Thanakha, traditional Burmese (Myanmar) natural beauty product, which is from a tree called Limonia Acidissima (Roxb). Those tress only grow in Myanmar and around Himalayas valley. It takes many years to grow Thanakha tree and the qualities of Thanakha tree is varies from the places from. First of all, get Thanakha bark from the tree, then cut into pieces, clean and ground little drops of water on the flat stone. Then you can get the Thanakha paste to apply on face. That is a traditional way of applying Thanakha makeup on face in Burma/Myanmar.Burmese ladies love Thanakha and they love to wear that herbal paste everyday in different style. I will post the some pictures below.Thanakha is a natural product, which has kind of mild fragrance like sandalwood. It is a light yellow color which can wear on all kinds of skin type and skin colors. It is an organic beauty product until it is modified in modern ways. Natural Thanakha is not only use as beauty product but also as an ingredient in some traditional medicine. Thanakha can be used as natural astrogen, natural sunscreen and natural skin refresher.In modern days, some Burmese beauty companies modified Thanakha, add some fragrance and more, put in colorful containers and produce in different forms such as powder, instant paste, lotion type and so on. Companies other Asian countries like Thailand, India, Sri Lanka and Philippine also produce Thanakha products, use Thanakha extract to make facial form, toner, soap, lotion, face cream and so on.Traditional Burmese (Myanmar) MakeupThanakha can cure skin irritation, mild acne, pimples and sun burn. I love Thanakha as my traditional way of beauty product from my native country. I don’t have flat stone and real/raw Thanakha bark at here, of course but I have Thanakha powder in my dressing table. If I am on those days which I don’t feel like to wear makeup, if my skin seems oily, I will just use, moisturizer and set with Thanakha powder or add little water on my palm with Thanakha powder and make a Thanakha paste and apply it all over my face as foundation, then set with powder or it is not necessary to do as it dries out naturally.

Thanakha has dry texture on skin, make the skin cooler and fresher. It is good for people who live in hot climate. It can not be idol for people who has very dry skin and people who live in cold climate zone.

From old days and till today, Burmese women still love, value and wear Thanakha. Some people wear everyday, they don’t even wear other beauty products from foreign countries and they have perfect smooth skins. Not only women, from babies to men wear Thanakha in my country. I use to wear a lot when I was young too. Burma is hot and Thanakha makes us feel cool sensation on skin, prevent prickly heat and other skin problems.

I do not think you can get Thanakha in Western countries or other part of the world except South East Asia. Nowadays, cosmetic companies use Thanakha to produce different kinds of beauty products in Asia now.

I have used a local two ways cake which is made with Thanakha extract. It is called ” Shwe Pyi Nan Thanakha 2 ways makeup “. I really like it. But mine is finished and I will definately buy again when I go back to Burma net time.

I hope you enjoy hearing a new thing from another side of the world. =)

Note- Some of the pictures were uploaded from google image site. The picture of my childhood is from me.
This is a traditional way of having Thanakha paste to apply on face and other body parts of skins.
Local girl with designed Thanakha paste on.

Thanakha in modern days.Thanakha in burma
Burmese Thanakha makeup
My younger sister and I when we were young. I was like 14 years old and she was 7 years old that time. My daddy’s favorite picture. =)

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