Trilogy Cream Cleanser Review

Everyone wants a perfect cleanser for their skin, one that works and that keeps on working. With Liz Earle, just as I was about to go onto my third bottle of Cleanse and Polish, it stopped working and I just sold my back up and bought this cleanser:

Trilogy Cream Cleanser Review

I hadn’t read many reviews on this, but I know a few other bloggers are giving this a go!
This cleanser comes in a large 200ml glass bottle, it actually looks very nice, sturdy anyway! I accidently dropped this on my tiled bathroom floor and it didn’t smash…phew! It comes with a pump as you can see, which I prefer as it dispenses just the right amount of product each time. I am over half the way down this bottle now and I still really love it, which is a very good sign for me!
Trilogy Cream Cleanser
This is a cream cleanser and smells quite herbal as it contains quite a lot of essential oils, which I really love!
The bottle states:
The Simple one-step cleanser gently washes away make-up (including eye make-up) and impurities without drying ot disrupting natural PH  levels leaving skin smoother, softer and beautifully refreshed.
  • Thoroughly cleanses without drying.
  • Evening Primrose and Certified Organic Rosehip Oils help moisturise and maintain healthy skin.
  • Almond, Jojoba and Carrot oils soothe and nourish.
I absolutely LOVE this cleanser, best I have ever bought. I believe a cleanser should really deep clean and get rid of all dirt and impurities and this really does the job well! I use one pump and massage into my skin, then rinse off. I then take another pump, massage in and remove with a muslin cloth. When I am using the muslin cloth there is barely anything left to take off, the cloth has minimal make up on it after the second cleansing. I have to note though that I don’t use this to remove my eye make-up, I prefer an eye make up remover to do that job. I also only use this in the evening to remove all of my make up, in the morning I use the Seba Med cleansing bar in the shower.
My skin is amazingly clean and soft after using this. My skin is even, clear and even if I have a few ‘monthly mishaps’ my skin still looks spotless, any spots that I do have look calm and not angry at all. My skin hasnt felt tight in well over a month, it feels comfortable and hasnt looked dull, congested or flaky.
Overall, such an amazing cleanser and the best bit is… its for all skin types!

Trilogy Cream Cleanser retails for £22 for 200ml …. only 50p more expensive than Liz Earle… and better 😉


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